I wonder how many support mains will switch to DPS?

Lucio and Moira are still good. The buffs they’ve had far outweigh any nerfs.

Oh, and Ana is a mustpick, for now…

They took away the only support who could fight back against flankers.

Why should I bother playing support to help the team if I’m expected to be a free kill every time a flanker sees me?

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Yeah, life is hard for support and tanks players in the 3 tank/ 3 support meta…wait what??

That has nothing to do with Brigitte - it’s the ridiculous stackable aoe healing that is the problem. Which this sledgehammer nerf didn’t actually fix.

Instead they took away the one thing Brigitte was supposed to be good at (peeling) and buffed the one part of her kit that made no sense.

They want to make sure Brig is not being pick for a DPS spot. Some thing happened to Hog a long time ago.

Nope. It’s happening.

I honestly should not be down there. It is pretty unfair for the people I go up against. This is all relative, obviously, as you seem to be confused.

I agree… but their cool-down is half of yours… so it hardly matters?

Okay, we are in platinum, not bronze, a Tracer is not going to get into melee range when they specifically chose Tracer to counter-pick you.

Are you on console? Genji, Lucio, and Pharah are hell to hit because of the vertical mobility. At decent ranges, I agree, up close it is fan into deflect into dash cancel into fan melee. Instant death, pretty much, and there is not much you can do if grapple is on CD. Even then, Genji is the only hero who can get literally anywhere in a timely manner.

No, you avoided my question. How do you solo two tanks that counter you?

Well i’d like to consider myself a flex player but Zen is one of my mains and well um let’s say time to get my JJoNak on

Its actually only 0.667hps extra, its literally worthless.


Appreciate the proper math :smiley: Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Gotta admit. With Brig taking this hit, Both Zenyatta and Ana are taking a hit with it since Brigitte was their best protection from dive hero’s.

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Yup be prepared to see mercy/moira comps from now on.

Well it won’t work because Brig will still be run in GOATs and nothing will change.

The best way to play around not being able to protect your backline from flankers is to have everyone brawling on the frontline.

These changes took away the one thing Brig should be able to do while not even addressing the main complaint of the whiners (0 dps meta comps).

For everyone else not high enough to face GOATs, it’s back to Tracer/Genji season and free support kills.

That is why Fan the hammer got buffed, and Reaper is getting buffed and Ashe is here.

There are the first steps. If this doesn’t work that nerf hammer is going to keep smashing away on thing until 3T/3S falls apart


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So you mained two non aim heroes and think you’ll maintain your rank with heroes that actually take skill? XD

Ana is by far my main. Wouldn’t call her no aim, but when you get hard countered, you switch.

However, won’t really be able to switch when a character gets gutted

Go for it. People flex or they dont. How it goes. If all you can do is play support, learn to play other roles. Not a bad thing.

Acting like heroes need to be safe from potential nerfs for you to keep filling a role is meh. Is what it is. No one will notice.

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Have fun bro, I will stay behind giving you guys a speed boost and an orb

Honestly found the Brig/Doomfist meta much worse than the Tracer/Genji meta as a pretty hardcore support/tank player.