I wonder how many support mains will switch to DPS?


I know I will. After Mercy got gutted, and now Brig, dive will return and all the high mobility characters that run uncountered are going to make playing a support hell again.

It’s why Brig was introduced in the first place. Oh well, I will be instalocking DPS if playing support becomes hell again.


After Mercy got gutted, I just stopped using her healing and switched to the pistol. That, or I just used Brig to collect her daily dose of tears.


I think it’s time for Bob to do something.


Back to 76 being main heals again.


Probably a lot. I have no idea how support players ever tolerated it in the first place. But now that they have been exposed to a world where they are not the first one dead, I am not sure we can go back. Lul. I am pretty scared of dives return as a hit-scan. Just hoping Ashe’s shotgun keeps me relatively safe.


Supports have been gutted left and right. Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Moira, Brig… the only one they haven’t come for yet is Zen and that’s only because DPS players are yet to throw a hissy fit about him.


Considering Brig was almost always picked as a DPS.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people playing her switched to DPS.


Lol, supports have been powercreeped. The meta is literally to run 3 supports 0 dps. But yeah, poor supports Eh. So neglected.

Moira and Lucio weren’t even gutted. Ana is mandatory right now.

What’s even going on.


Yeah. And it’s the single fastest meta to receive killing nerfs yet. Each time a support is close to even remotely producing the same impact as a DPS - nerfs galore.

Or do you not find it amusing how we had dive for 2 years and Blizzard didn’t give a hoot, but the very moment goats became viable, it’s like throwing out a bat signal.


I sadly won’t switch to DPS, considering I am bad at playing damage, lol. I’ll just switch to D.Va, she’s my main tank.


You mean you don’t think any of the mandatory support heroes produce as much output as the entire host of unviable dps heroes?

This meta hasn’t been killed fast at all either. The fastest was the bastion one that lasted 3 days…


Technically the shield bash change only affected her interactions with Rein, Orisa, Winston, and other bagels. She will still be able to destroy Tracer and Genji without trouble.


I’m definitely gonna be back on Junkrat/Trashmouse. What with this:

and this:

Resulting in what will likely be Dive 2 Electric Boogaloo.


I won’t deny the 0-3-3 meta is not healthy. But I also won’t deny playing support against dive wasn’t exhaustive and incredibly unfun.

I just will refuse to play Support at that point, but that’s just me.


He doesn’t KNOW. Who’s gunna break the news to him?


“Mandatory” and “unviable” is not a fair comparison.

How about mandatory DPS instead? A support has to be outright broken to even approach a shred of their impact.


lol… you’re missing the real nerf:

Shield Bash damage reduced from 50 to 5. Tracer and Genji will wreck Brig lol


How is it not a fair comparison? You play X hero or you’ll probably lose. You play Y hero and you’ll probably lose.

Y is obviously worse to play than X. Currently all dps heroes are Y.


Ah, the return of the high and mighty Tracer or Genji main.


I’m going back 2 Roadhog.