I think main reaper balancing problem is


That Jeff says Reaper supposed to be tank-buster and fight tanks
And geoff says

but why tank-brawler even needs to be sneaky tho?

They really should just decide one way and rework Reaper to fill it


make reaper great again.
all competent players told this to them last 2 years.:man_shrugging:
would be interesting to know who suggested 50% lifesteal. jeff or geoff.


When the game came out and there wasnt any solid comps, yea shadow step was good. Now theres so many comps that reaper cant even get to do his job. Shadow step becomes useless because it is %100 out of combat. Its not even like he has a third ability to back it up. Wraith form is all you got so you better make it count for either engaging or disengaging.