I really miss old Symmetra

I miss 6 turrets! <3
And photon barrier on E
And old orbs!


Completely agree. I hate the new sym and I used to one trick the old sym. I wish they would revert her and fix her from there. I miss playing sym

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I wish I remember where I put it, but I had a Symm PotG where it recorded right after a double KO on hanamura last point. So it’s just showing my death animation while getting sentry kills somewhere. Then I respawn and buff another player with 25 shield hp.

Was cool having her/anyone in the support lineup where the support didn’t involve healing. She still plays like that, though, and has lots of viability in comps outside of 222. Sadly you cant even main dps anymore so my days of laddering with her are done.

The girl has class. I 1tricked Symm during beta in 2015, couldn’t play much OW during 1.0 2016, mained/otp her during 2.0 2017-2018, and mastered her in 3.0. Of all of them I feel 3.0 is still the best balance of aim vs. brain scaling.

I’d say she’s still completely fine if not OP in the right situations, and I’m glad it is that way. If she got buffed in the damage department, became meta fotm in 222 for some twitch kid no brain reasons, I’d immediately play something else.

I agree so much. I saw an old clip and it just made me so sad because whether she was bad or not. She was still stripped from us :frowning:

I was all for the rework and improving sym, but whoever gave the ok for this straight up calamity needs to go and have a long think lol.

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maybe they should just revert her.

so you all can see how much worse she can be compared to live, and shut up for once

lmao, a 7 meters beam that starts at 30 dps and a orb all healers can outheal will be viable.
just play moira

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I miss old symmetra too, I feel like with every rework this game loses some of its uniqueness and personality, even if the rework had a positive outcome


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I miss her so much too. While I do enjoy 3.0, it should’ve been a new character.

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Dude same. I can’t play new Sym anymore. She has been gutted to the point where I keep thinking “I could have done better on old Sym”.

Thats pretty bad balancing if that is the way the people who play this character are starting to feel. Even someone like me, who LOVED new Sym.

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i miss old sym but do hope to play old sym again one day even in training room just to mess around with it, if it was selectable

She was OK back then. At least the bendy beam was funny even if she was hot garbo.

LMAO! Just like professional Protoss players used DT’s and corsairs in PvZ when Brood War came out? Oh wait, they didn’t, until 2007. Nine years, in an extremely competitive game, when you only had to convince one person (yourself), rather than a whole team.

I’m really sick of this is-ought reasoning, where godlike powers are imputed to pro players. You know the difference between a professional player and some nerd in a basement? The pro gets paid. That’s it. Cash, not omniscience.

Professional money managers gave us the 2008 housing bubble, professional engineers caused the Challenger explosion, and professional surgeons regularly amputate the wrong limb. Why this assumption that professional gamers can’t be, you know, wrong?

If she had throwable turrets back then with extra health I think she would have been better.

In fact she just needed minor tweaks, like faster secondary fire, and maybe being able to deploy TP and SG from a distance

I think every Sym main from that era had their own personal buff list for Sym (here’s mine).

It still baffles me that Sym2 went from a whole year receiving nothing but bug fixes, mostly caused by Blizz, like Moira orb eating turrets and self-destructing ults; to a full rework where every single aspect of her kit got changed.

I miss viable symmetra.

Just give my non-trash-metra back.

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