I really miss old Symmetra

Not only did she have a better pickrate and winrate, I found her FUN.

I loved building my ultimate in the first 10 seconds of 2cp defense.

I loved bulking my team with shield generator.

I loved setting up that clutch TP and bringing my team back to the fight from halfway across the map.

I loved being able to block ultimates and, most importantly, protect myself with her old barrier.

My GOD I miss old Symmetra.

I don’t care that she wasn’t picked in OWL - I fell in love with Symmetra, and this feels like a completely different hero that has been given nerf after nerf after nerf.


I am not going to lie, I too love and miss Symmetra 2.0… but for all the wrong reasons


Oh my gosh that reminds me of the old Torb play of the games!


It is probably my best ever PotG yes.


I believe OWL and e-sports scene made the OW team insecure of characters like old sym existing. Their product ridiculed among the elitists , that they have fused with. And so a newer OW is born (blech)


I mean, it’s not like OWL run Symmetra anyway. I feel like Sym, Torb and any future turret placement heroes are gimicky and should be left for the casual player base to enjoy.

I REALLY hope they decide to rework sym and combine her old kit with her new weapon + turrets.


old sym was when the meta was the most fun, but not because of her.

it didn’t make anyone insecure, a hero who could microwave people with a mercy lock on beam of damage isnt meant to be in this game


It’s a misnomer that OWL didn’t use her because she was for causal play. They didn’t use her because she didn’t do enough damage.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. It doesn’t matter whether a hero was intended for casual play. If a hero was good, they’d play that hero.

Yes old Sym didn’t do enough damage or bring enough utility for the pros, but she was okay on the ladder between Bronze and Diamond. There were lots of Sym mains in GM too.

Symmetra was never a controversial hero like Mercy. They reworked sym because she was never picked in OWL and they saw her as bad. No one asked for a symmetra rework.


I miss her tracking beam


idgi. you basically have old sym aside from noodle beam and shield piercing orbs. like sym right now, due to how terrible the cd mechanic is of infinite tp, plays very very similar to old sym.

  • unable to move up on your own because your kit doesn’t have anything that lets you - check
  • spam orbs outside of their effective range dealing inconsistent damage most of the game because of the above - check
  • waiting for your team and/or enemy to give you an opportunity to w+m1 to finally have a CHANCE to do your job - check
  • spawn tp - check

like I don’t get the “I want pre3.0 sym back” crew tbqh. we’re living through what basically is sym1.5 right now on live ._.


This symmetra is so different, the developers themselves said to treat her like a new hero…

But it’s much worse and not shield gen


The only thing I miss is shield gen and photon barrier. But overall 3.0 is a great improvement and is way more fun to play.

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they also said the infinite tp change was less restrictive despite being the complete opposite.

they also said the 3.0 rework was to make sym dynamic and flexible yet the infinite tp change ruined all of that.

if infinite tp didn’t happen, yes I agree that sym3.0 is a new hero compared to pre3.0 versions. but right now, compare how you play sym now vs before 3.0 rework. what’s the difference?

the only really big difference is skip choke tp’s. other than that it’s still:

  • passively waiting for your team to make space for you to get into primary range,
  • meanwhile you just spam orbs outside of their effective range dealing inconsistent damage and throwing out turrets here and there (often not aggressively until you can get a sneaky angle).
  • you pretty much try to do the same flanks at the same low frequency except now you don’t need to hide and wait but rather have more leniency if you somehow have a tp cast to spare (how it keeps the low frequency),
  • you position yourself pretty much the same way as before due to reliance on primary and lack of mobility and lack of sustain

the resemblance is really too high here to treat her as a completely new and different hero right now. current sym simply just isn’t all that different to her old versions prior to rework.

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Im not sure if “for the casual playerbase”
Id be happy id they were viable for the people who like builders

They werent even that bad, its just that toxic player mentality ruined it

puts hand to forehead
Lol. sheesh

tbh, i love getting turret kills the most…

I think Sym 2.0 would have worked fantastically if the turrets had more HP and were throw-able

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I only miss my 70% winrate with Sym 1.0… :grin:


To be honest I miss these as well. I would be fine getting old Symmetra again BUT ONLY if they keep her current M1 primary fire. Old auto-aim/auto-lock was cancer and I hated it more than anything. Luckily they removed it but unfortunately they also reworked the rest of her kit.

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She was so severely limited back then…could only really play her on certain maps…and almost exclusively on defense…

I think she’s a way more versatile hero now…and she has an aim requirement now (which is always a good thing)

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