I miss Symmetra 2.0!

I feel the same as you do about the ult like widow and sombra may not do damage with their ults but one gives your team full vision on the enemy team and the other nullifies all enemy abilities for its duration syms new ult is just a wall that doesn’t really have the same satisfaction as throwing ur old shield out to protect yourself and teammates from a dva bomb or rein shatter or pharah barrage or even a zarya grav. thats the one part of her old kit i want more than anything else but i proved to my friends before her change that she countered pirate ship easily.


I’m tired of having ANY character in the game that’s so debilitated by slowing; Hammond should have a special buff against Mei so that he can at least literally walk away when she’s shooting him, because right now if a Mei is on the field and you get even slightly close to her, you’re SOL. You can’t use your grapple hook to pull yourself away (unless she has bad aim and isn’t freezing you well, which never seems to be the case for me) because it relies on your momentum in order to move you.

Symmetra’s turrets don’t NEED slowdown, what they needed was to be easier to deploy and have a little HP so that they required more than just accidental splash damage to be destroyed. That was it.

honestly she wouldn’t need the SLOW aspect if it just disabled movement abilities but then she’d hard counter all mobility heroes and be the best hero in game so that won’t ever happen. it’s literally there so she can still fight Genjis and Tracers that are blinking and jumping around like they have bugs in their pants.

You know what would be a better counter to Tracers and Genji’s? Her old lock on beam. Because it was pretty stellar against them.

I don’t think Sym needs ANY ‘anti movement’ in her kit. I think if she’s a DPS character then she should be outputting damage.

Give her 6 turrets again. Remove the slowdown BS. Give her her lock on gun, with a STATIC amount of damage that is REASONABLE, and give her her old proton barrier back. Make her ultimate the Wall OR her old TP, and then boom, you have Symmetra back again.

She’d be able to engage the enemy and protect herself, actually put out damage, provide use to her team, and her ult wouldn’t be hot garbage because you’d have some level of choice to it so that you weren’t just sitting on the wall all the time waiting for the right clutch moment so you don’t blow it too early like you do with her now.

As much as i LOVED her old beam I’ve gotten accustomed to her new beam and it’s even stronger now than it’s ever been.

but a majority of our dps heroes either have mobility, cc, or area control Sym and Mei are the only heroes in the game that slow targets and with most teams having a Lucio I truly value the slow her turrets provide.

As I stated i truly value the slow her turrets provide and I honestly for the sake of OCD i really wish she had an eve number of turrets 4 would be fine for me considering thy now have health to them. and honestly if they gave her her old gun back you’d have dps mains complaining about it just melting them to death and them not being able to do anything about it. I honestly ussed to get constant 6k’s with her photon and old beam but i can still get 6k’s just 2 kills are turrets over me. Having her tp as an ability giver he a lot of mobility and allows her to take out the backline like she used to in 2.0 but she doesn’t have to die if things go wrong. If the dev’s allowed her to switch between tp and shield gen on the same cd to allow her to provide her team with a little boost in health when necessary that’d be a welcomed change imo and I did prefer her wall as a personal barrier over a global ult but it does allow me to set up my turret bomb and tp it in for kills and tp back without having to worry about constant dmg as you bob-n-weave through your shield.

honestly I’ve never been 100% behind the OW dev teams character changes but I’ve learned to adapt like a chameleon and roll with the punches.

We all know they won’t buff/nerf heroes unless someone in OWL complains about it.

plenty of them did say that Sym was bad tho…

5 or 10% maybe? It didn’t need to be 30%

Hope we hear stuff about the next ptr soon… if we don’t, likely 4 weeks away.

You’re really exaggerating the aim there. It is not that hard. I don’t have great aim by aim by any means, but I can keep a beam on anyone sans a Tracer or Genji, but that’s what the orbs and turrets are for.

I’m not saying she’s perfect right now. She could definitely use more buffs (I feel the new 20% is great), but old Symm is not the right direction. People considered her a troll pick.

She’s so much more fun, and satisfying to play. Tele has great potential as an ability, and the stronger turrets are great. If you think Photon Barrier is useless as an ult, you should practice some more Winston and Orisa to see it’s potential. I honestly believe she’s moving in a better direction, she just needs some more help along.

what i really want is for her to have more survivability and also the piercing orbs.

Oh and i still get reported for picking Sym.

“War Never Changes.”

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if you are talking about the Sym-Community war, it never ends either

It wasn’t increased by thirty percent. It was increased by 100%

I feel the same. I even had to stop playing for a good while.


My bad, I thought it was 30% for some reason but still, it didn’t need to be that fast.

I think you’re misunderstanding it. The old orbs travel at 10 meters per second. New orbs travel at 20 meters per second.

Increasing it by 5 percent would bring it to 10.5mps and 10 percent would be 11mts. That’s still incredibly slow.

We all love our old Sym :c


Bring Back The Amazing 2.0!