I love jeff kaplan

Not in my experience. Often the difference between the two is a lucky teamwipe from the enemy team that happens to sync spawns and remove trickling.

That means you’re pretty screwed if you don’t have it. It was great back when I regularly played with a full stack but now it just makes everything feel terrible in comparison. I never feel like I’m playing the game properly.

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You can play whatever you want, so long as you don’t throw and try to work with the team. We’ll lose the one game together and then I’ll avoid you. :wink: :kissing_heart:

Wouldn’t have to worry about avoiding anyone if you’d just wake up, and realize the game would be better if individual players could make a bit more of an impact.

Great to see some positivity up in here. And I agree! That post from Jeff was pretty awesome. I always appreciate a perspective on game design, being a game programmer myself.

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I never played in a stack, so I guess I just don’t know what I’m missing. People generally try to do some loose grouping and coordinate ults at least when I play comp. Right now, because smurfs are free, it’s extremely common. And teams will sometimes call out a smurf, coordinate around defeating the smurf, and beat them with superior teamwork. It’s not all the time, but it feels good when that happens.

In other games I’ve played with this degree of smurfing, a lot of times you’d just end up being constantly spawnkilled. And it’s just really unfun.

It’s one of the reasons I have largely avoided the genre. The teamwork aspect of this game goes a long, long way in making this a much more enjoyable experience to me.


Or you can just get better than the smurf, and beat him yourself. Feels a lot better when you do something on your own.

Sure I would, because people throwing, feeding, and disastrous picks will always have an impact on a small team, objective based game. And that impact will be negative. And I’ll avoid them.

The primary thing it would do is exacerbate the problems with smurfing, and encourage the inferior experience you get in Quickplay to be all the time. Because Quickplay is already like this and it’s miserable.

Comp, where people actually give a crap about teamwork, is way more fun. Win or Lose.

Uhh, in the long run, bad teammates are going to cause you a lot more problems than smurfing.

Nah. Everyone and their brother has alternative accounts on console. They are free and infinite. This problem is much more impactful on console, imo.

A smurf has to intentionally throw to stay in your sr. So sometimes the smurf on the enemy team is going to be throwing, and sometimes the smurf is going to be on your team winning. It balances itself out.

We’re all trying to get better here right? So get to the GM smurfs level. I had a smurf on the enemy team once. I added him as a friend, and asked him for help. Gave some helpful advice.

It doesn’t matter if it would balance out. My point is about the fun of it, and the gameplay experience. I am not talking about climbing.

Teamwork being so effective against smurfing is one of the things that make this game fun. No opponent is a guaranteed loss. Will you win? Probably not. They are rocking that 84% winrate (or whatever) for a reason. But you have a shot. It’s like a raid boss. That makes the game more fun.

Overwatch feels best in comp where teamwork is valued than it does in Quickplay, where it is not. A close comp match with two teams working together crazy hard is peak Overwatch to me. Watching the lone Genji wipe out the enemy in Quickplay with a sick blade because they were all off trying to be their team’s carry instead of coordinating is not.

It’s fine if you think otherwise. It’s fine for when I just killing sometime. But when I want to play real Overwatch, when I think of Overwatch at its peak, I play comp.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about? I’ve never had a team that worked together to stop a smurf, in two years of playing overwatch. I have had thousands of teams though that died over and over again 3 seconds into the team fight, making what i do completely useless.

So what’s fun for you, is your team doing everything, and winning the game. But you getting a 6k with blade isn’t fun? XD

To each their own I guess.

I have. Plenty of times.

It’s not that it isn’t fun, it’s that it’s significantly less fun than a dream team.

Edit: To me, personally

So your fun depends on other people, and not yourself. That’s a very fragile type of fun. It is shattered when other people don’t do what you want. Other people literally control your happiness.

It’s really no different than identifying the best of the enemy players and acting accordingly, which is good practice regardless of smurfs. But in other games, I don’t have to hope that my team is both willing to strategize and competent on the necessary heroes. Obviously it helps, but when you see opportunities and weaknesses and are unable to make it count because your team isn’t in perfect lockstep it hurts. Meanwhile if you put effort into getting good at breaking out of spawn elsewhere, it doesn’t transfer to OW because you need your entire team to get it together.

Teamplay should be a multiplicative force, not a limiting one.


Let’s not act like 1-3-2 is confirmed. He said in the post that they’ve just been experimenting with it and it causes just as many problems as it fixes. If they did decide to do something like this, the better option would be 1-2-2 + flex. Although that flex role would probably end up being higher queue time than dps, and would mostly be used for dps, it’s better than completely killing off double tank.

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Double tank is the worst thing in the game? XD

I hope it gets killed tonight.

Do you mean 231? Typical notation is tank-dps-support.

Goats 303. Quad tank 402. 141 for instance, tank-4dps-sup. An amazingly fun comp requiring a lot of duels/skill and individual plays.

It should have relied on smaller-scale teamplay, not necessarily individual, but certainly not scripted 6v6.

So 2v2 and 3v3-like synergy. And winning those smaller flank duels and degen fights in more areas of the map, not just utilizing 5% of the map design for all-in teamfights over and over.

I feel like it’s the all-in brawl and cap style, the scripted metas and mirror-matchups that make the game incredibly routine.

3-2-1 was a part of the Jeff Kaplan quote.

So what type of comp is he/we actually referring to?