I love jeff kaplan

"Speaking of Teamplay, one of our testers who did not like the experiment made a comment that he felt like 3-2-1 detracted from teamplay too much. I found this fascinating because in 2013/2014 every decision we made was to embrace/encourage/force teamplay at all costs. We put so much effort into putting the focus on team victory/defeat rather than individual performance. But in 2020, I feel like the over-emphasis on teamplay (while great for hyper competitive players and situations such as OWL), causes a lot of psychological pressure for your average player just looking to blow off steam in a video game. I guess what I am saying is, that in 2020, feeling like you can deviate from teamplay a little bit in OW and have some success feels like a good thing, not a bad thing to me. " - Jeff Kaplan

I’ve been complaining on the forum for a long time now that this game is too team reliant. We’ve all seen bronze to gm streams where the top 500 player loses a bronze game, because nobody would pick a shield tank. It’s weird.

The recent forum post from him, about 3-2-1 comp, is amazing, and makes me feel like the game is going in the right direction. I’m tired of looking at two shields. And I’m glad he is experimenting with moving roadhog to the dps pool and lowering his health. The dude is immortal in lower srs. Nobody can kill him. And he one shots reaper. So this change is going to be great. It’s all looking great.

Awesome stuff. Ily Jeff.


Glad to see there’s somebody else who likes Jeff Kaplan!


They never said they were moving Roadhog to DPS. They just said if they ended up doing 1-3-2, that would’ve been the case.


Did we really need another thread for this?


The game is still too reliant on composition and teamplay. Jeff might talk the talk but we will see.


Don’t get your hopes up… just because they’re testing it doesn’t mean it’ll be implemented.


This game isn’t too team reliant. It’s the right amount of team reliant. A GM streamer is able to get to their proper rank in a matter of hours, and lose only a couple of games. They individually carry matches and have humongous impact but aren’t literally impossible to defeat no matter how well the team works together to beat the raid boss. That’s not a bad thing.


I love Jeff. i just don’t like a lot of things regarding balance but that doesn’t mean i don’t like him lol.


This is the most team reliant game in the world. It’s too much. And it’s going to go to the gutter unless something is done about it.

Jeff literally said, in my quote, “every decision we made was to force team play”

And then you say “game isn’t too team reliant”

ok? lol

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Hard disagree. What this game needs is more content and a bit more interesting meta. The core concept of teamwork is pretty solid.


Everything we did was to force team play - Jeff Kaplan

This game isn’t too team reliant. Hard disagree - VenusArmani.

It’s not solid. If you want to rely on teamwork in solo que, you’re going to be disappointed. You put your sr in the hands of other people, which is going to be hit or miss.

In league of legends, there is no voice com. You don’t need to communicate at all to win games. You go jungler, get fed, and 1v5 the enemy team. This gives power to solo que players. And it also has an esports scene, for people that want to compete professionally with other people. So it has everything for everyone. The individual player, and the team player.

If you say you want the game to be completely team reliant, like it is now, it’s selfish. Because you want the game to only be for you, and not players with an individual play style.

Those aren’t mutually exclusive things, you know. They could have went all in on the correct path. Your opinion isn’t a fact. Jeff himself said that not everyone on the team thinks the game is too team reliant.

It doesn’t matter if they did everything in their power to make people use teamwork. It only matters what was the result. And in my opinion, it’s not. It’s the right level.

No more selfish than wanting the game to change from what it has been for the past 3 years to something that suits your tastes.

These are mutually exclusive things. The second you introduce carries, and make teamwork bypassable, it stops being team reliant.


weeeee! I found it! Gonna talk to papa jeff now! :drooling_face:

For a certain period of development time, not all of it. They loosened up a bit later.

In the current state of the game it largely means that for most balanced matches, it comes down to who is the weakest link, and that leads to a poor experience for both sides. It never feels like matches are won, only that you didn’t lose, and when matches are lost, you feel absolutely powerless. Sometimes that happens even before you lose, just based on reading the flow of the game. I don’t think it’s sustainable.


Nah. It usually feels like you won. And it usually feels like you could have done more to win a match you lost. There are times when you get morons on your team that you could never have won with, but it’s definitely worth the tradeoff of knowing with teamwork you can overcome any obstacle in the game. That the game doesn’t only revolve around one player. And that teamwork matters more than anything.

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I guess what I am saying is, that in 2020, feeling like you can deviate from teamplay a little bit in OW and have some success feels like a good thing, not a bad thing to me. " - Jeff Kaplan

Keep saying what you want. The devs are waking up. The game is going to become less team reliant, for the better.

<3 jeff.

If you read the comments, he also had these things to say about it.

So no, there is no guarantee the game will move in that direction. And not everyone on the team agrees with him. The latter comment is about 321, which this whole thing was about not a dev talking about the future direction of the game.


Well if it doesn’t go in that direction, I’ll just be one tricking genji on your team, never swapping, and never joining voice coms. Enjoy your team play game lol. Hope you like it. You got what you asked for.

So you’ll be no different than every other Genji that I play with on console. Got it.


I’ll also be playing pharah with a baptiste/moira against a widow/mccree if the time feels right.