I knew it, Ana is their next target

Don’t see how a streamer who could hardly play Mercy counts as an in-game hero that has ridiculous changes/nerds due to a large amount of people hanging up on him, but whatever. XP

I’m a support main. I too will defend Ana to my last!!!

“All hail the Queen of the North!!”

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okay can someone give me context here?

also whats with support mains and having a victimhood complex.


Oh yeah! Wow I forgot that was a thing. I think both versions of her are fun but I agree I loved getting ult charge on a badly positioned D.Va.

400/100 was fine. 400/200 got crazy. I miss 400/100 :frowning:


So you DPS mains will know. From the DEVs regarding Ana.


Why would DPS mains complain about the healer that plays like a DPS? Who are these boogy man dps mains anyway?


Ah, Yes I knew there’d be a post like this… If Ana is nerfed I’m pretty sure the lot of people will blame Mercy mains, cause why not…

People seem to forget how strong of an influence streamers have of some people…


Its not a DPS hater thing. Ana and Mercy mains have and endless “war” since Ana was added to the game.

generalise “dps mains” = coolbeans.

generalise “mercy mains” = CAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT!!!


I love to tease and make fun of the DPS mains as much as anyone here, but I’ve yet to see any of them asking for Ana nerfs recently…

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Eh, theres alrady people talking about the “Dps Mains” in Op posts, so I didn’t say anything about it… If I was higher up in the comments, I would of though.

Because they are victims, after playing healer so much and getting targeted. they think everyone is out to get them /s

Let the DPS-mains-are-the-devil circle jerk commence!

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If a character is meta that means they are not balanced so obviously people will complain.

wait a second, the dude that made the origional nerf ana post is a bloody brig main…

im so confused man

You don’t have to generalize every DPS main as a toxic player because there are some really nice DPS players out there. They are happy, because they recognize what a balanced hero looks like. Ana is balanced.
There needs to stop being this crusade against players just because they play DPS.

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Here’s an example of what I mentioned in my second post - Mercy players being held to blame for any negative Ana post.


Unfortunately all they ever want to do is balance the supports down and balance DPS heroes up. One just has to feel sorry for all the Tanks in this.

Huge generalisation. I play DPS and think Ana being meta is great. She’s a fun support that feels fair to play as and against.

There are all sorts of players complaining about Ana these days, that’s what a chunk of the Overwatch community always does.

You know that it’s one week from now that I exactly talk about that . I don’t understand why people want ana trash tier now she is perfectly balanced