I just want to say

Your policy on assigning penalties for disconnects during comp for issues that can be proven to be outside of the player’s control is terrible.

I just started a comp placement match, about 30 seconds into the match, windows decided that I absolutely MUST reboot right then and there and forces a reboot. My computer is relatively quick, so I got back up and running and logged back in within a minute or so. But I did not have the option to rejoin the match.

Furthermore, I now had a 10-minute ban.
Additionally, my placement match had gone from 5 to 6, so I don’t know what that match counts as
And last, my endorsement rating went down.

This was not a case of a player knowingly trying to play while having technical issues (which is honestly a very weak justification on blizzard’s part), this is a case of I have zero technical issues, but windows is stupid and you cannot prevent it from running updates, the most you can do is delay them. But when windows decides it has an urgent update, you cannot prevent it from installing and rebooting your computer.

I know you somehow lack the power to do anything about it, but a) It’s an overwhelming design flaw in your system if you lack the power to correct things and b) It’s bull****.

I get why your system is in place, but I get limited time to play, so what little play time I get I try to make it count. Now a portion of that playtime was taken from me because of stupid windows update, and the stance is apparently, “sorry, not sorry”

EDIT: I chose this name to be ironic, I’m generally positive or try to be, but now I’m feeling every bit of this name.


We cover our scope of support around the penalty system Here. You have the ability to setup Windows Updates outside of the time you use your system as long as it’s on it will update. If you hold off too long they will at some point force you to update. You have multiple options to help avoid this in the future. I personally set up a bi-weekly time frame to simply check for updates manually and restart then. You could also setup a convenient time frame for updates to apply and restart the PC Here: under [How do I make sure my device restarts to install updates at a convenient time?]

Locking this thread as feedback on the game’s design should goto the General forums for our Developers to review. The Technical Support forums are for troubleshooting and information gathering related to technical issues only.