Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

Hey everybody,

I wanted to take some time today to discuss Leaver Penalties and how they relate to Technical issues. We understand that leaver penalties are an annoying thing to experience. Technical issues can be complicated to troubleshoot. To add penalties to your account can seem like adding insult to injury. This isn’t our intent. The competitive penalty system may not be perfect, but there is reason behind it.

When we created the leaver penalty system, we took in a lot of player feedback. The feedback came from both leavers and the players they left behind. Individuals who leave want forgiveness sometimes, and teams want people to stop leaving. We are trying to balance these needs. Below I’ve made an FAQ.

Why am I penalized when I have a technical issue?

Any time you leave a game, you affect the experience of everyone else in the match. Think back to the last even match you were in where someone quit partway through. How difficult it was to win fights 5v6? Even if you did win, didn’t you have to fight harder to do so? For every crash or DC that gives you a penalty, there are five other players on your team who just had their chances of winning a fair match reduced.

Why am I penalized in Competitive if I disconnect before a game starts?

This type of penalty is there to avoid queue dodgers. In old competitive First Person Shooters, people could fake tech issues to avoid certain teams or players. There’s no way to tell the difference between someone who disconnected intentionally and an accidental DC. As a result, the moment you are selected for a Competitive match, that’s your match. If you lose connection after that point, the penalties are active. In comparison, other modes will backfill the position and queue you for a different match. You may not even notice it happening in other modes because it’s all handled on the back end, but may experience other connection issues.

Why am I still penalized when I rejoin some games?

There are two different reasons for this, excessive disconnections, or disconnecting for too long. You can reconnect at any point during a match you have left as long as you don’t have a leaver penalty. However, spending too much time outside of the game still puts your team at a disadvantage, and there’s a risk that others will leave in your absence. If you disconnect during a competitive match, try to reconnect as quickly as possible and finish the match.

Similarly, disconnecting multiple times in one competitive match may trigger penalties. If you have these problems regularly, you should troubleshoot the problem to avoid penalties.

Why can’t Blizzard remove penalties for technical issues?

The effect on your fellow players is the same no matter why you disconnect. As a result, if you play a match while having technical issues, and you drop from the match, your account may be penalized. Blue Posters and our Customer Support team have no way to remove the penalties. This is because the system is working the way it was designed. Instead, we focus on troubleshooting the thing that originally caused the problem. If we fix that, you shouldn’t have problems anymore.

What if it was the server’s fault?

Often we hear mentions of one off issues when we discuss penalties. “What happens if the servers crash or if Blizzard’s ISP has a problem?” or something of that nature. This does happen from time to time, but it’s pretty rare. The system is built to take that sort of thing into account, and periodic issues like this shouldn’t tank your skill rating too much. This is why the first few penalties are lenient compared to later ones. Over time even the Skill Rating drops will even out as you keep playing normal matches. As long as you aren’t intentionally leaving or having tech issues, this shouldn’t affect your account too much.

How do I find out why this Tech issue is happening?

Before troubleshooting, check our Tech sticky threads and the “Breaking News” section of your Battle.net Application. We like to post major service interruptions and known issues there. For other issues, here are a couple of the best links for tech issues with Overwatch.

Keep in mind - whenever you’re troubleshooting tech issues, you should use a low-stakes mode to test fixes. Using custom games will let you test fixes without affecting your account or other players’ games.

If basic troubleshooting fails, or you’re not sure how to do some of the steps, don’t give up. You can always try working with your fellow players and us Blue Posters here to find the cause of your tech issue. You can also try contacting our support team for one on one help.

What if I want to provide feedback on the penalty system?

We understand that the penalty system can always be improved. If you have specific feedback for things we might change to make the system better, we have forums for that. You can use the Competitive Discussion or General Discussion forums to deliver that feedback. We’ve got some folks there that check those threads for player feedback and report to the developers. Some of our development team will even reply to threads there, too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. As always, let us know how we can help with your Technical troubles!

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Thrown out of game because of server issues and the banned for leaving
Lost Connection to Server
При запуске соревновательного матча не подключило к игре
Overwatch keeps crashing when i play comp, and it get penalished for it
Y'all need to fix the Xbox servers ASAP
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Penalty feedback
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Competitive ban for nothing
Being punished by game's fault
Banned for lost connection without my fault
Connection issues Sept/7/2019
Lost 50 points after disconnecting. reconnecting, then winning
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Your game crashed and your policy cost me hard work
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Copa server issues
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Disconnect before even loading into a match
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Tips for someone new to overwatch
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Getting warnings for leaving while Blizzard is having issues is not okay
Appeal for comp bans
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Getting disconnected (ethernet got unplugged) and not being able to rejoin
I keep getting disconnected and being unable to rejoin
GrimReaper - Disconnection
Match doesnt load // getting kicked and suspended for inactivity
Internet connection was lost from faulty LAN cable, was kicked from game server and now banned for 5 minutes and will count as a loss and affect my SR
Competitive glitch affecting my SR
Disconnecting from Competitive
Cancelled search incurs penalty
Can the game detect if it crashed?
Why am I suspended?
Suspended after driver crash, game in progress
Discussion about disconnecting from comp
How is it I'm suspended for 20 minutes when I never connected to a game
Game crashed while in comp after sigma update
Hi i'm having disconnection issues
Overwatch game error, SR loss
Don't appreciate the ban
-rating on DC on a different role
I got suspended for 8 hours and lost 50 sr for silver and 10 sr for tank /not done plasments for dps/ for the game crashing
D/C or Leaver Detection
Mic not working pc
Stuck on loading screen Got suspended and Lost sr
Very very lethal bug
Disconnect competitive glitch
Wyoming Myst .... characters and words
Crashed During Hero Selection
Suspended for wifi error
Overwatch Makes my internet SH*T THE BED
Server issues fk
XP/Match Penalty for the DDOS attacks? Why?
LOST 100 sr of an unexpected error with new patch
Competitive Accidental Leave Punishment
Game crashed, got back in... suspended
Leave game due to internet, rejoin, WIN, but still lose 50sr?
Game disconnected 4 times in 2 games, lost 100 sr because of it
Losing sr without losing games
Banned bc i afk to attend the door and re joined the game win the game and i got banned
Unresonable punishment
Was just about to win a game and the server closed
Unable to Rejoin a Ranked Match?
We should have a accurate system that if we leave or get disconnected from a match we should be able to join back
Connection Lost suspension
Server drop on Blizzard side
Competitive disconnections
Disconnected twice during a match, won the match, gold elims, supsended 5 minutes?
Cannot connect to the Ranked Match
SR lost and suspended for servers shutting down
Please blizz, fix your servers
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Verizon, FIOS issues in NJ area
Is there something wrong with the server?
Error starting match - March 13, 2020
Competitive Team Deatch match gives me suspention after disconnecting and reconnecting?
Disconnect from Comp Games
Unable to play while suspended or banned
Restore my competition score
[Main Thread] - Unexpected server error
Failed to Connect to Server
Connection issue while internet works fine
I didn't get in the match?
Love getting kicked then getting suspended
Getting sr back
Getting sr back
Can't reconnect after server disconnect
Leaver Penalties
[Mar 2] Disconnections and Login Issues
Overwatch wont lemme log in!
Banned for the Season, for bad internet
DC problems in overwatch
Plannerguy - Failed to Connect to Matches, Suspended from Competitive
Freezed screen, nothing works
Getting disconnected and losing sr
Last comp game crashed entire lobby
System log me out
Connection issues - 07/09/18 9 PM PST
Crash at the start of a game
Why did the game penalize me after a crash?
Server Disconnections due to DDoS Attack - July 8 2018
Blizzard staff need upgrading
Disconnecting from matches
My laptop froze as I entered a Comp Game
The game hangs me ban
Im losing sr because of this bs
Endorsement Level went down
Server crashed and we got suspended and lost SR
Punishment for game crash, frustrated
Console game crashing
Kicked from server during comp match
5v6 in OWL= pause or even a reset. MEEEEEEEEANWHILE
Please fix your game
Joining comp game bug
Connection problem
Disconnect during Archive Missions
To Blizzard plz read!
Nice Overwatch!
SR loss due to connection issues
Points of ranked matchs
DDoS attack help
Why do I get penalized?
Points of ranked match
Serves crashed and lost 50 points
PS4/Telstra ISP - Australian Disconnection Issues (LC-202 / BC-101)
Disconnection Suspension
How is the penalty of being disconnected in Overwatch fair, if I couldn't even connect to the server at first place?
Leaving when the Game Starts but Coming Back
Unexpected server error
Server crash, player get ban
[Mar 2] Disconnections and Login Issues
Comp big succ (lost 100 sr due to losing connection)
Why leaver penalty if you reconnect and win?
Network Issues ≠ Skill Rating Drop
Getting Kicked for Wifi Cutting Out
Servers disconnected me from a comp match and penalized me?!
Lost SR from "server closed due to unexpected error"
Dropped and Rejoined comp
Error starting match - March 13, 2020
Kicked out from matchmaking by server
Punished for good performance ( atleast on my side)
My Internet Went Down To Someone Who I Think DDOSED Me And I Still Got Punished After Just Getting Into Diamond :(
Rendering device lost
Kicked out of comp game, cant rejoin, lost entire friends list
Loose SR after rejoining the game (Disconnect)
Servers down for arcade
How is the penalty of being disconnected in Overwatch fair, if I couldn't even connect to the server at first place?
Disconnect and suspention
Overwatch servers got me comp banned
Glitch Penalty and Suspension
Comp match failed to join, 10 minute suspension
Lost 150 Rankpoints
Dodge bug in overwatch
Lost 50 SR due to server
Welcome to the new forums!
--Crash of the game and receive a defeat
Was forced to accept leaver queue status WHILE IN GAME W A FULL TEAM ACTIVELY USING COMMS w no internet intteruptions?
Lost SR due to game not connecting
I don't know where to put this, but it's a request
In-Game Issue caused loss of 50SR
Well Sc***w Me ! I got DC'd
Bug wont let me move, then kick me for inactivity
The server shut down for no reason
The server shut down for no reason
I got an disconnect and lost all my sr
Is the vampire hunter skin sombra skin coming back
Refund my SR. I have throwers in my game
Got suspended because OW server dropped me
Server lag lost us the game
Random Closeout and Punishment
Punishment on a D/C
SR loss for server closing
Rendering error in game
Suspended. In competitive overwatch
Penalties too severe
I got dossed and lost sr bc of it
Server down for a while 3 hours ago
Overwatch needs to fix this
How does the leaver system work
There is almost no reason to reconnect to a competative game after dc! Any ideas?
Reconnected to Competitive Open Queue match, still lost 50 sr after
Kicked out mid game and received competitive ban
Please remove my penalties
Banned 8 hours for brief disconnect
End game showed "Victory" but logged as Defeat
If the game crashes, why suspend me?
Lost 80sr give or take for a game bug please help
Disconnected from Comp Game durin DDoS Attack
Got suspended during comp match bc i lost connection to game servers.. cant rejoin now
How long will I be banned/suspended?
Lost Internet For 5 Seconds, Banned
DC bug in competitive, banned + lost 50 sr
SR drop and ban even though I rejoined and we won the game
Micro cuts and why i have to pay so high for them
Suspended from Comp, despite never entering the game?
Being suspended for my Internet Crashing
Why am I being suspended for Blizzard glitches?
I lost 50 sr for a server error
Auto Suspension, game found then immediate suspension
Server crashes i get punished?
Black Screen Comp Ban
Blizzard's server crash
Sever Loss/Competitive Penalty
OPINION: I formally disagree with the idea of the "Your team won without you" pop-up
Losing wrong sr from disconnection
Suspended because what?
Loosing connection and getting penalties
Game Crash Detection
Disconnet SR Loss
Disconnection and sr loss
Randomly kicked to main menu
8 Hour Suspension in Comp for Network Error
Error when connecting to the server and I got a sanction
I lost my sr for nothing. Game id: DABS4Y
Failing to connect to a match treats the user as intentionally disconnecting, results in suspension
My SR dropped even though I won the match
Anyway to restore the lost SR?
How does punishment for leaving a game actually work?
Extremely unlucky comp ban
I got disconnected from the server (Not my network's fault) and lost 100 sr with ban
Thanks for the server stability blizzard
Blizzard Server Connect Problems?
Server disconnection mid-match
Leaver penalty after rejoin and making the win
Lost 50 SR due to an error on Blizzard's end?
My game crashed the moment i joined a comp game
How many suspensions?
I'm mad about this suspension system
Game making me lose sr
Suspended from Comp, despite never entering the game?
Server error and i receive punishment?
Suspensions for DCing
ALERT: World of Warcraft Shadowlands now launched - LOGIN ISSUES REPORTED BY BLIZZARD CS!
Banned from season 27
Absolute Joke of an eSport
My Last Hope For Appeal
Lost 50 SR because of servers down
Not Allowed to Rejoin Comp Match After DC
Competitive disconnection
Lost server connection
Was kicked from Comp Arcade
Suspended after not being able to connect to competitive match
DC issues at season end. please stop trolling
So you lose 50 sr and ban 15 mins if you leave in the first 10 secs?
Still got banned and -50
Glitch with comp matches
This needs to be fixed ASAP
Rialto bug causing dc
Why have you not removed the losing SR if you crash?
Random Warnings
My 10 year old daughter banned for entire season
SR Loss Bug after disconnect and reconnect
Rejoined a match and won
Competitive Play Ban
Can't rejoin Ranked Match within 15seconds of a dc?
Overwatch hard-crashes to desktop after update to
Won game. Lost SR
No option to rejoin
Lost connection to game server lost sr
Got disconnected in a Ranked match... Couldnt rejoin, lost SR and got ban
Got banned with no warning
You dropped my connection and ban me for it
Blizzard Banned Me
DDOS attacks are real, and Blizzard isn't doing anything about it
Kicked for inactivity but not my fault!
General Competitive Question
Lost connection and get banned
Penalty for game crashing
External Server Down SR Loss
Competitive Season 26 Extension
Got Banned for 5 mins from Que after joining back and WINNING
Leaver penalty after my power went out
Kicked off game, servers dead
Loading screen bug
FR the suspension system is actual garbage
Game CRASH to Desktop | Windows Error Report
Disconnect vs Leaving
Competitive overwatch ban due to internet failure
Q'ing for Comp. Get kicked before I even get into match
Server crash on ps4
Umm... that was weird
[Playstation] Both teams had a mass disconnect
ALERT: Blizzard investigating connection issues to PlayStation users
Blizzard Servers Disconneted in the middle of a Comp game
Disconnect penalty - harsh and unfair
Suspended after reconnecting to match
Game error due to which my rating points were taken away
Stuck on hero screen in comp
Paus the freaking game instead of instantly canceling it
Server side disconnect
My Internet disconnected and got suspended
Shouldnt lose SR if ur internet blips and u come bk and win
Locked out of Comp play
Confused about leaver system
NOT AGAIN Blizzard
Client Requested Disconnect Error
Welcome to Season 30 of Competitive Play
Disconnected and suspended at the start of the game
Overwatch matchmaking ban from nothing
Disconnected from game, but still won
Remove Leaver Penalty, Please
Lost SR because of Blizzard server error
Suspended from competitive due to bug
Server crashed and lost SR and got suspended!
Disconnection lost point after reconnection
Are lots of people dcing from your game
Forced to suspend
Comp auto kick?
DC and rejoin, win the game but still lost sr and suspended
Ban in ranked games for a season
ALERT! Server issues due to DDoS attack (ENDED)
Dc's and banned
Joining game fails and leads suspended
Error when connecting to the server and I got a sanction
Losing Connection while in a Comp resulting in a Penalty
Instant match cooldown for inactivity
Suspended for my Internet dying in Queue
Is this right? Title must be at least 15 characters
Is this right? Title must be at least 15 characters
Lost SR despite returning to game
I have a question
Review of Overwatch's Leaver/Disconnection policies
Question About Disconnecting From Matches
Disconnection Suspension
Losing 50 SR for DC'ing then returning
This is not the post you’re looking for. Move along
I've lost 170 points for battle net connection problem!
I Would Like My SR Back Please
PC Crashes only in Competitive games
People dc from comp games very often! Affecting our SR!
People dc from comp games very often! Affecting our SR!
Disconnect issue
"Failed to connect to server" = 50 lost SR
Server technical issue?
Server error causing comp ban and -50
DCed, reconnected won the game still lost SR...?
Near DC in comp and reconnected
Welcome to Season 31 of Competitive Play
Do You Get Penalized If You Rejoin Immediately?
Overwatch disconnecting
Lost SR after winning
Comp server crashed during the game, lost SR
Help with disconnects
Kicked for inactivity waiting for a load screen?
I got suspended/banned while in lobby?
How is it my fault?
Competitve penalty
Banned for trying to play
Incentives for leavers to rejoin
I feel like I have tried everything and I still have lag
I LOST SR EVEN WHEN I WIN?! someone respond cuz idk what
Restore SR for competitive disconnect
Suspended after rejoining and winning?
I’m confused about comp suspension
About server issue
Disconnection from server
Overwatch Dev Post Archives & Overwatch 2 Facts & Beta Info
Why are there bans for Disconnects?
I feel like competitive leaver penalties r too unforgiving?
Lost Sr and Ban for server maintenance issue!
Unstable connection performance and unfair penalty
Lost SR because I got kicked out of nowhere
"DC" into instant ban
Bug/error lost 100 elo
Blizzard disconnected me at the beginnin of competitive matc
Got banned from comp for [ failed to connect to server ]
Crashing leading to suspension?
ENDED: Blizzard DDoS attack (Live and Beta are now okay)
RESOLVED! Blizzard authentication servers online again
Didn't let me in the match and I got suspended
Overwatch crashed on ps4
Game crashes in early game
Penalise For Wifi Loss
Failed to conect to server + suspension?
Lost 3 placements without even joining
Competitive Points are missing
NOW RESOLVING - Login/Disconnection Issues with European Players
Lost connection to the server
Losing SR even after rejoining the match
No sr gain afther a comp match
Dear Blizzard. You're banning unfairly
Stuck at the team vs team screen
Unexpected server error. Why do i lose SR for that?
-50 for leave after victory
Why am I punished when my ISP f*cks up?
SR loss for disconnecting
Game Crashed, cant rejoin, Rank downgraded
Losing SR when Game Crashes/Freezes
Failed to connect to server = suspension
Cant play because loading screen
Game Crashing a lot since last week

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