I have finally do it boys! MADE IT TO DIAMOND

Nice one mate, but what language is ‘iascenso’? No translator picked that up as being an actual language

Congrats, now you scape this horrid bracket aswell :s

They didnt actually

my climb went like this:

2800 > 2825 > 2850 > 2875 > 2900 > 2925 > 2950 > 2975 > 3003

Other than brig, Bastion and Moira, didnt practice moira a lot but her playstyle came naturally to me, every now and then i went ana to take counter-pick, then reaper and pharah, i hadnt practiced them but i was just counter picking so all i had to do is use gamesense

its Ascenso

Its spanish


Nice, I figured as much. Gratz

Diamond is almost worse than plat in some respects lol.


Get it.



Great job Magy! Meanwhile I’m stuck in bronze because I don’t play comp

Good job, I somehow managed to reach masters myself this season and I truly do not belong there, down we go!

Anyway, keep up the good work!

also, why doesn’t the “reply” button at the bottom of the page work when a thread has got a blue response?

Idk I was wondering the same thing

It only seems to work when I mouse over the actual arrow for me.

yay!! congrats!! <3 :slight_smile:


Grats. Celebration, confetti, whoo. :tada:

Gratz. However it gets worst when you go higher.

yass queeeen. But don’t stop honey! KEEPER GOIN

I would just stop playing comp and just observe the beauty for the rest of the season.

Thats what im going to do lmao

i need to decide on my next golden gun tho

Congrats man! I also hit Diamond this season and it feels quick refreshing.

Congrats! It personally took me 14 seasons so I get the feeling entirely :slight_smile:


Congrats! :smiley: :champagne::balloon: