I have finally do it boys! MADE IT TO DIAMOND



i finally escaped!

after practicing a lot of my favorite heroes in QP, i went comp, and climbed from 2800 to 3000



Good Job! :grin: :gem:

Onwards and upwards from here!


:tada::tada::tada: Very nice! :tada::tada::tada:





Nice job.


Good luck with it!
Dont be me and dont drop back to this dps-plat space of dissapointment.


Congratulations! That’s a big milestone.
But don’t let it end there. The sky is the limit.


I need to first hold what i already have lol


Welcome to the club my dude!


Any tips on getting pass 2k9?



I practiced Orisa, Bastion, Torb, Brig and Symmetra in quickplay for a bunch

then went into comp, rid a win streak and got to it,

if you check my profile you´ll see i mainly played brig cuz we needed a healer 24/7 lol


Congratulations Magy! That’s huge! Best of luck in your future games. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Be honest, how nervous where you when the numbers started slow down once they hit 2990?



So I saw the heroes you said you practiced with, but besides Brigitte who did you end up mostly using?

Would you go to the chat or nah??


Congrats. Youre now officially in the top 10%.


Nice one mate, but what language is ‘iascenso’? No translator picked that up as being an actual language


Congrats, now you scape this horrid bracket aswell :s


They didnt actually

my climb went like this:

2800 > 2825 > 2850 > 2875 > 2900 > 2925 > 2950 > 2975 > 3003

Other than brig, Bastion and Moira, didnt practice moira a lot but her playstyle came naturally to me, every now and then i went ana to take counter-pick, then reaper and pharah, i hadnt practiced them but i was just counter picking so all i had to do is use gamesense

its Ascenso

Its spanish


Nice, I figured as much. Gratz


Diamond is almost worse than plat in some respects lol.