I have finally do it boys! MADE IT TO DIAMOND

(Tom Powers) #21

Get it.


Great job Magy! Meanwhile I’m stuck in bronze because I don’t play comp


Good job, I somehow managed to reach masters myself this season and I truly do not belong there, down we go!

Anyway, keep up the good work!

also, why doesn’t the “reply” button at the bottom of the page work when a thread has got a blue response?


Idk I was wondering the same thing


It only seems to work when I mouse over the actual arrow for me.


yay!! congrats!! <3 :slight_smile:




Grats. Celebration, confetti, whoo. :tada:


Gratz. However it gets worst when you go higher.


yass queeeen. But don’t stop honey! KEEPER GOIN


I would just stop playing comp and just observe the beauty for the rest of the season.


Thats what im going to do lmao

i need to decide on my next golden gun tho


Congrats man! I also hit Diamond this season and it feels quick refreshing.


Congrats! It personally took me 14 seasons so I get the feeling entirely :slight_smile:



Congrats! :smiley: :champagne::balloon:


Congratz OP!

I basically stopped playing comp after reaching diamond. I know I’m not good enough to climb and I don’t want to burden my team with my incompetence




Welcome to my mine, we are mining DIAMONDS


Such a great feeling - something about that first shiny icon :smiley: congrats!


I am working on getting to Diamond also, I have been 2900 for a while


Congrats, Magy! :blush: :heart: