I have 2000 hours on this game, an hour on Mercy

Oh my apologies, but respectfully, I’m going to have to decline. I would much prefer to keep fighting. :slight_smile:

There is no “battle” or “war” going on, and your perception on how “embarrassing” the opinions that #MercyIsFine disagrees with, are not of my concern. There are people’s opinions being unheard, and their voices being ignored with their concerns regarding Mercy. And I believe that their thoughts are just as valid as those who think that she is “perfect”.

I intend on continuing to voice my thoughts and dissatisfaction with Mercy’s current state, as many others have, and will continue to vouch for a revert of Mass Rez + Tweaks, or a rework that makes her more engaging, rewarding, and impactful to play. I will continue stating my opinions on Mercy’s issues, until they are addressed - no matter how long it takes.

Thanks for projecting your opinions though! Your concerns and Ad Hominem is well-noted. :blush:

Seconded. I believe that she can certainly use some improvements. Right now, I’m not all that impressed with her current state. I think there’s more to be done, most definitely. :blush:

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Not gonna take any mercy buffs if it’s at the cost of the few skill expressions she actually has to enhance her effectiveness and gameplay. None of those fix the core problems; she would still have lackluster healing and no carry capacity of her own.

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I literally paraphrased what YOU wrote and you replied with the above.

Sorry am I missing something?

I don’t think it is generally known what the gender of this individual is

I have no idea, myself, though the blushes suggest female to me…


Agreed. One of the rework suggestions I’ve had that addresses not only her healing, but also her skill expression, impact, agency, and rewarding play can be found here. It’s certainly one of many idea’s I’ve had, but if you want, do feel free to give it a look. It meets the middle-ground of both lovers of Valkyrie, and Mass Rez as well. Titanium gave some amazing suggestions in their thread as well, which is one of (if not the) most popular threads in the forum. Highly recommend checking that out as well. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Did you even read the rest of what I said? In your original post, you mocked my proposed changes to Mercy, saying only the 50 to 55 healing & 30 to 28 second cool-down on Resurrect could maybe go through. I’m saying that is not all she needs most likely, but that the other changes I made in addition to the 2 buffs you mentioned from my original post make her much more enjoyable to play & likely more balanced. Testing & looking at stats is required to truly know what is the best for balancing Mercy & making her funner to play.

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waves Hi Drew Scanlon’s face.

Actually, it looks really nice. But I want Valk to be removed completely. First Mercy version after her rework felt so much free in sky. Now it feels really slow without GA targets. And you’re right, Valk is spectator mode. If they want to evolve Valk idea, I imagine it like Brig’s ult. You’re using your ult, you can fly freely and your character model creates some light area/dome, like sun in sky. Your teammates get’s some buffs from vision of you. I dunno how explain this, I want to feel fight myself, not just spectate above. If Moira had unlimited healing, I would forget Mercy forever.


If you ever want to make a reply with ‘less than 20 characters’, surround some random text in <> after what you want to say, and the text surrounded by <> will go invisible but still count as characters.

My post was not just about aim and skill. I mentioned them, yes, but what I meant is that if Mercy gets 60 hps back, many players who do not main a specific character will not have an incentive to pick Ana and risk their team just for 15 hps more. This causes a problem and imbalances the game because hard to master heroes being as effective as easy heroes means less chances for the former to be picked up, and, in my opinion, is a flawed design. We saw how Mercy was a must pick even after all the nerfs, only the healing reduction nerf took away that status from her.

Huh? Pirate ship isn’t as effective with Ana or Moira as it is with Mercy because of damage boost and how her healing isn’t affected by barriers or DM. If you decide to run Moira or Ana with pirate ship, all the enemy has to do is pick D.Va and destroy the Bastion much easier. Also, you can resurrect the Bastion instead of waiting for him to get back.

This. People still don’t realize that 50 hps Mercy is just as situational as other main healers. Ana and Moira are not great with DPS-heavy compositions just like how Mercy isn’t good with tank-heavy comps. Balance. Reverting Mercy’s healing will make her better all around, on top of how easy she is, which will just imbalance the game.

I don’t think they necessarily want her overpowered, at least not all of them. They want her to have potential like Ana or Zenyatta. However, the problem is that it can’t be done unless her fundamental design is changed. Potential without risk on an easy to be effective with hero is a big problem. We saw that with Mercy herself, we see that right now with Brigitte. You can’t make easy heroes as good as hard ones because easy heroes will trump everything. I still remember how Jake from the Houston Outlaws outplayed Striker from the Boston Uprising with Brigitte. It was so sad watching a player who spent hundreds of hours to practice a hard hero, Tracer, get easily dispatched by a hero that Jake put less than two hours on. How is that fair or balanced? Good balance, in my opinion, is like how McCree, Roadhog, Widowmaker, Genji, or Zenyatta can outplay Tracer.

By the way, I hate Tracer, but I used her as an example because she’s the hero who the developers are balancing the game around.


well, it is a compromise rework, one designed to allow her play for those who like her as she is to remain much the same, while making some of the unhappy folks less unhappy.

I dont feel Valkyrie is spectator mode at all, actually

There is a section in the OP that names 5 common complaints made by those who are unhappy with Mercy - those are me restating (some of) the complaints of others, not my own feelings. These 5 common complaints are the ones that I believe are addressed by the dodo compromise rework

I find tons to do during Valkyrie, more than I can actually accomplish in those 15 seconds. But for those who feel it is, the beam juggling incentivized by BigMainLittleChains should generally make it more engaging

I don’t agree with the notion that Mercy is “trash” per se, but she is worse than Moira and Ana except in a handful of scenarios like Quad DPS (which works… occasionally, not often) or like specific now-defunct comps like GravDragons. Even if I were running Dive, I’d rather have the Lucio or Moira than Mercy–she was only ever that good in Dive when she was stupidly strong.

In effect, the only circumstances under which I would actively want a Mercy over a Moira, or an Ana, or a Lucio is when we’re running something like PharMercy, or Mashe, or bunker comps w/ the Bastion pocket. With the release of Baptiste, too, Mercy’s probably going to become even less tempting, as he meshes better with bunker comps and generally is better all around–his AOE makes his healing more than adequately consistent as he pumps out a pretty good HPS, and he has a more-frequently available team-based life-saving strategy than Mercy does.

To me, right now, Mercy is like Soldier. Is Soldier completely awful? No. Heck, lots of people will insist that he’s the most balanced hero in the game. People do run him successfully–but, when you compare to the other options out there? Why would you want a Soldier, in his current state, over a Genji, or a Hanzo, or an Ashe, or a McCree? There’s a reason he never breaks a 2% pickrate. Likewise, why ask for a Mercy over a Lucio, or an Ana, or a Moira? The reasons are few and far between.

Just my opinion. But, increasingly, it seems like it’s what other people are thinking too–get a Mercy, first reaction is usually asking them to switch to an Ana or Lucio or Moira, even if we’re not running tank-heavy comps. I would think that when you have a character who takes 12+ nerfs to get into a “balanced” state, and then a sizable proportion of folks aren’t really happy with said character (playing as them or playing with them), there would a more meaningful reaction from Blizzard–but then I see how Symmetra and Bastion have been treated for 3 years now. I guess I can’t say I’m that surprised.


You know why? Because Mercy has become a niche pick instead of the must pick healer she was, she is still very powerful on high ground maps and in dive comps AND with widows, ashes, and pharahs. Ana is just better for all other cases. As for moira… Why.

I can assure you that if you and I were on a team, you’d want me on Mercy over Ana due to the number of shots I’d miss as Ana…and I am hardly the only player with poor aim playing this game

they should’ve have remove valk and switch it with baptiste’s immortality field- aka, give her an ult which actually means “heroes never die”, her creating an aoe for 4-5 seconds that teammates won’t die inside it.
would be better like that for mercy, and would be better like that for baptiste, and would be better like that for the whole game in general.


One of the reasons why I don’t like Valk is enemy hitscans. Even bad Hanzo can counter you and GA will not save you from this. Well, may be it’s my mistakes, but this situations repeated again and again. Your flight during Valk is really easy to predict, even if you’re dive sharply with GA. I even tried to stay around the corner and chain one teammate, but this gameplay is not different from hide and rez. It feels like special ability like ult must be advantage for character, but Valk can put you in disadvantage very easily.

That doesn’t suddenly make me want the Mercy. It just makes me not want you on my team since you can only play a sub-optimal hero. It’s the entire one-trick issue. Having someone who can play Bastion better than they can play Hanzo doesn’t suddenly make me want to play with Bastion on my team–it just makes me not want that person on my team, because they’re incapable of flexing and thus are just acting as a detriment to the team.

Saying “oh well I’m better at this not-as-good character than I am with this good character” doesn’t suddenly make the not-as-good character better than the good one. It just means you’re bad with the good one, and good with the bad one. End of story.

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Personally, I generally use the additional cover available to Mercy in Valkyrie mode to prevent the issues with hitscans. The fact that her regen is uninterrupted by hits while in Valkyrie helps with this as well, buying Mercy time to seek cover when you do find yourself being fired upon in most cases.

I also will use the positioning advantages of Valkyrie to take out lone snipers - especially Widow, since the regen wont help against her one-shot-one-kill

Well, once a match is set up, one doesnt get the option to discard a teammate with poor aim.

You’re stuck with the bad aim person for a match

Do you want this individual on Ana or Mercy?