I hate Ana's bullet now

Can someone fill me in, what did they change👍

I didn’t notice while playing today, I forgot she got an update

Bullets now ignore full HP allies. This means you cannot apply her heal-over-time to full HP allies.
The upside is that people who need the heals/damage more are likelier to get it.

Why would they do that?

And did they extend her magazine?

Yes to 14… You can hit stuff when full healed friendly target is in front of you too

When I pre heal it was useful in 60% of the cases


It’s the latest patch notes under announcements.

Thanks guys for telling me👍

I’ve play Ana, she’s very nice now.
It feel so good to heal ally even if they’r hiding behind a big Rein/RH/Dva full HP butts.

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Now your heals will be useful in 100% of the cases

But less effective.
You don’t pre heal when teammtes need heal.


This would be the answer to a lot of QoL (or similar) problems. Even if it was a menu option. Don’t like it? Toggle it off.


I thought Ana was burst Heal not a Heal Overtime healer. She is more Instant to me.

I mentioned this already in a another thread:
It lowers Ana skill floor and people will not learn good positioning until they are forced too.
Most people will not even realize or care that their positioning hamper their performance.

Ana needs a form of self sustain.
The moment Ana goes below 160hp she needs healing immediatley, otherwise she is free kill


LOL. No autoaim AT ALL? It is semi auto aim. Don’t lie to yourself.

Correct. There is zero auto aim. Not semi. None.

Her healing darts do not react immediately to give the full amount of health, but rather it hits the target and after a bit of time, begins to heal over time. I’m pretty sick of seeing the heal activate on a dead teammate, so if they want to shoot through full health allies when prehealing is so important, the heal should be instant.

The biggest complaint I had with Ana was her survivability anyway. Unlike the other healers, she literally has no self sustain. Teammates tell you to use the nade, but the nade has much better uses than to be wasted on yourself. No self sustain, and no movement ability, yet needs to keep LoS to heal. It’s tough, which is why prehealing was pretty vital. By the time a lot of your teammates need healing, you can’t even see them.

This change is not a buff tbh


Who cares honestly

Yea if you want to be bad at healing. Literally just shoot them when they are damaged or shoot at them if you think they are about to take damage.

Now you don’t have to walk around someone to do it, idk what you’re really complaining about here. You save time and you heal them faster than you would be able to before???


There is NO PLEASING the community.


I would say, it’s more a buff than a nerf.
Yes, you can no longer pre-heal. But for me, it’s more important to be able to heal a dying squishy through that fat Hog.
Pre-healing might help sometimes. But hitting someone in acute need who I otherwise would not have LoS to, always is a big thing.

Another thought: Giving her straight-up piercing shots with like 100% heal first friendly target and 50% heal or damage second target would be nice, I guess.
If you consider Moiras healing spray, which essentially does the same (but even better in a way) this would not be OP either, I think.


Did anyone ask Gale on his thoughts. I think he is the best Ana in the world.