I got banned for hacks when I have none of the short

Seeing that I’ve been playing since overwatch since beta on Xbox and transferred everything to pc with all my progression/skins and I’ve bought every battlepass so far into ow2 can I merge this account to a new one? if I was hacking why wasn’t my ip banned as well? I never even got a warning or anything of the sort. I just want answers regarding what software I could have open in the background besides the blizzard launcher and YouTube to pick up hacks? i even have gameplay of me playing to prove i wasn’t hacking at anytime so please i ask to not take away all these years and hours of progress. I’m just heartbroken at this point and hopefully the community can help me find peace?


No one here can help you. Cheat bans are usually permanent. You probably have some malicious software or hacks installed, and if you are not aware of them then it is time to learn how to keep your computer secure.


I’ve seen some people in years past who’ve been banned for forgetting to close wordpad before launching overwatch. Not even close to cheating, just incidentally running the two at the same time.

Hate to break it to you, but even apple has better support than blizzard. It doesn’t hurt to submit an appeal ticket. The odds of any human eyes ever seeing it are about as high as winning three 5-digit gambles on the same night at a casino, though.

Having said that, there’s not much use in crying over spilled milk. If the account’s gone, at least you can still play for free on a new one. Besides, there’s no such thing as progress in overwatch; there are simply career profiles and cosmetics, both of which are vanities.


Unfortunately, on the forums we can’t do anything about that. I’d appeal the ban to Blizzard somehow and see if that works.

Love the dbd name, btw

I don’t know. I once got perma-banned (for 2 days). Appealed, they said they’d check, found proof of cheating and my ban would be upheld. They DID undo it, and it was in relation to an anti-cheat update flagging a bunch of linux users. But I think their appeal process includes “I’ll check… yeah, the machine that banned you says positive cheating.”


What’s your average accuracy? I’m curious if they even bother investigating recent matches for red flags. I remember someone with a Bronze account that got banned for cheating despite having terrible stats consistently.

Over all? I don’t know. In games I tend to go 40-60%, give or take. Normally towards the lower end of that.

Are you, by chance, running crypto mining software in the background while you game?

There have been people banned because their crypto mining program is seen as a hack by Blizzard’s anti cheat.

Also they consider boosting and deranking to be cheating, not that I’m saying you’ve done that, but if someone reports you for it and they think you’re doing it, then that would be a cheating ban without using a hack program.

May have appeared as a deranker. See above.

So, you admit you did have a 3 party software at the time?

None of the short? rofl.

It’s none of the sort, buddy. (nothing of the sort)

…because they dont ip ban…

No. If you were banned for hacking, blizzard detected hacks on your PC. While they have made mistakes and falsely banned people before, that is usually not the case. So, enjoy your ban, hacker.

That sounds like a funny youtube video, but absolutely untrue.

Make sure nobody else was using your account.

Any overlay interface from another program could cause a ban. For example, some monitors have management software that cause OW2 to produce red warnings. Uninstalling the software and using the physical controls on the monitor will fix that.

Don’t run HyperX Ngenuity

I’d send them an email and ask them what the details are for the ban, and if they dont respond. Send them a letter in the mail , and if not complain to the california attorney general’s office. Blizzard is hosing over a ton of people lately and they need to know about it at the state and federal level.

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3rd party software is such an insanely loose definition.
Music player? 3rd party.
goggle drive? 3rd party.
anti-virus? 3rd party
discord? you guessed it! 3rd party!


This timeline sucks so much…


Meant probably a type of .exec, or some other thing that goes through the game archives, like GCFScape for TF2, L4D2, etc. I don’t know some type of macro.

They make mistakes all the time. Recently they did a banwave of people for using common input driver software:

So keep at their support. And keep posting in the forums. If you indeed did not cheat. eventually you may be lucky and get your account reactivated.


I lost my first OW1 account for using the macro keys on my Logitech G35 headset to type GG in chat after every game.:skull_and_crossbones:


there has been software that warden has flagged as cheating when it wasnt cheat software and i believe even some companies have threatened to sue blizzard over it as the false flag is a damage to the companies rep

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Hate to break it to you, but reporting to the state won’t do anything. The accounts belong to Blizzard, and if they say the OP was cheating, then OP was cheating. OP can file an appeal, but they’re going to be relying on Blizzard’s good graces to get anything done. Threatening a lawsuit or going to the AG will make them laugh. There’s nothing in the law preventing a company from enforcing its own rules regarding hacking inside of its own properties.