I FEEL GROSS clicking Shop

New event! Come log in and enjoy Lunar New Year 2023!!

OW has become a gross mutation of it’s former self from the Jeff-era. Some part of me still has a twinkle of excitement on patch day…

maybe there’s something new I can get, a cool new skin for participating in event

(I login and see shop with golden “NEW” beside it, my stomach sinks)

Me: “Okay maybe there’s something to earn in the challenges tab? Oh…I already earned these 3 or 4 years ago in OW1…”

Even the twitch drops Moira “skittles-throwup” skin, already earned (it’s mad ugly anyway)

The new skins are…yep, in the shop like usual

  • Something finally new and out of the ordinary for Rammattra, if you have 23$

  • A Mei epic that looks like a copy of her xmas outfit but with a new hat, if you have 10$

That’s it…Even the “event” is just a custom games mode bounty hunter, and then CTF which I don’t know of anyone who actually likes it

Am I the problem? Are my expectations too high? Should I be satisfied with my single new exciting skin that’s 23$ for bundle?

I think as far as Blizz is concerned, us veteran players are dead and don’t exist anymore.

This is all just to rope in the fortnite zoomer kids who only know of cosmetic-driven free multiplayer games, and have never played OW1 or probably another hero shooter before


This is easily the worst event theyve done so far, and thats impressive. At least the Christmas event had a new earnable skin.

I really, really hope season 3 changes a lot up content wise, otherwise im done with this crap show. There is absolutely no way they launched this event thinking “yeah people will be happy with this”


I checked the shop and I almost puked. I never touched arcade again after the olympian event fiasco. This game better die fast.


I didn’t even get an update to my game client today, it was already live, this event was probably pre-planned in the code during last October when game launched,

and when the designated date rolled around to today, it auto-changes main menu and puts pre-made skins in shop and makes visible the challenges stuff that was previously hidden


I don’t want it to die, i want them to pull their heads out of their rears and start putting the effort i know they can into this franchise.


What do you mean? I thought everyone loved Deathmatch With Slight Variations.


That’s what makes it all so sad and infuriating, to have glimpsed and been a part of the potential this game once had

Now it’s going down the drain, I’m embarassed to be a player and no longer defend this franchise in comment sections of websites and apps, it feels like everything we post on forums is screaming into the void and I’m wasting energy. Just sucks man.

I wanna go back to when Echo was released. Game was 6v6. We had permanent progression. We had lots of skins drop each event.

That was the perfect formula, they just had to add new heroes and maps in over time, it could’ve been so great…


Bro that is wishful thinking. Understand that it will never going to happen. This company lost all their hope and they are about to sell their souls to Microsoft.


??? You guys don’t enjoy game modes that are on weekly rotation in the arcade?

Frankly wanting it to die is also wishful thinking. Its the most recognizable hero shooter behind tf2 and is made by a triple a publisher and is free.

Theyre both wishful thinking, I’d just rather have the more hopeful of the two.

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There’s just so many unknown variables with this acquisition, and Bobby leaving, and PvE supposedly still in works…

I honestly think anything could happen in the next year or two and don’t have any good idea what will…

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Something that I really wish to happen because oblivious kids are now duped by predatory schemes flounding money away at a never ending consuming void until they sell their company to Microsoft.

It’s honestly astounding how disappointing overwatch 2 has been from all sides. I know there are people who are satisfied with it, but I’m not gonna lie, i can’t even begin to understand how.

Compared to overwatch 1, sure we get new heroes and maps, but otherwise? Basically the same game. Infrequent mediocre balance, mediocre content updates, slow patches…

And then there are aspects that are worse than ow1; more frequent bugs, a far more money driven content system, no progression, worse matchmaking, worse ranked system, etc.

I fail to see the positive. Are people seriously so desperate for new heroes and maps that the rest of the game can be burning and they’ll just accept it?


I was and that’s what drove my “shilling” on here around launch time as people called me,

but I’m sick of the new heroes now, every game is just Sojourn, Kiriko, Ram hell

And then uncontested unchanged hog running rampant doing whatever he wants, broken Brig with no purpose who were meant to counter flankers are now hard-countered by flankers themselves,

and nothing in sight but a “we have something in the works for brig and hog guys just trust us”

This is why I only log in for the weekly challenges and then right back out after completing, because I find it funny and sad that one day I will have earned enough coins to buy a premium skin with 10 months of grinding

and I’m determined to do so (620 coins so far, been playing since Oct)


That’s a lot of Hopium.


If you believe this, does that make you a dopium?

If you continue playing the game, and you get sick of trying are you throwpium?

I’ve seen indie developers that have far more challenge in 3D modeling and preparation to dish out fast updates of raw content that had to be created faster than Overwatch. They are a big company. At one point, Overwatch was the most profiting game on the market and was probably close to that title for a long time with high sales even near it’s end.

I refuse to accept any argument that they can’t do quick things on the fly especially when events are months apart. A majority of the newest skins and rewards and events scream lack of effort. I definitely don’t want to see this level of nothingness from a game eating up so much money and the community deserves to see bigger and better after so many years. Even if the excuse is that they are working on the PvE so updates will be lackluster, I’d be fine with that if they just:

  1. Addressed the majority’s concerns about the game’s state. All the big ones people complain about.
  2. Just tell us straight out patches/updates/events will be lackluster because of PvE or whatever reason rather than stating that the old reason for bad updates was the leftover bad code of Overwatch 1 which meant sparse patches, hyping the community for speedier and better changes with less work, and then letting them down.

Let’s not forget that Season 3 will be the first one without a hero drop. I seriously wonder how they plan to mix it up, if they do have anything planned at all.


I want the phantom thieves to steal blizzards heart


I bet you just did a old skin because most didnt bother to get that Brig skin last time.

It actually said it was legendary and i had to double check if it was true, i swear it was an epic lmao

Did we butch ow1 a bit too harsh? :rofl: