I FEEL GROSS clicking Shop

as weak as it would have been, they could have at least given the mei skin out for free. but nope. stingy af.

I make fun (in my head) of people who complain about cosmetic things in shops (at least it doesn’t affect gameplay). But I won’t ever have interest in paying $15-20 for a skin. Just my opinion.

:100: Push F to pay respects

It’s so freakin grimy now its ridiculous and unfortunately I’ve lost all respect for the dev team, even though its actually the executives at the top pushing the worst marketplace I’ve ever seen.

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Impossible, it’s all corporate now.

Ah, yes. That’s the F2P stink that they can never wash away. :poop:

Season 3 might be the Heroes of the Storm “I guess we’re calling it now folks” season for this game. I have no idea what they could possibly be doing behind the scenes, it’s like the whole game is being run by business degree interns who don’t play video games and have no friends.

It’s clear to me that the only people remaining in the overwatch department who have even a pinch of skill at their job is the skins team. And their work is being tossed over the cliff every time it’s released because nobody even wants to buy them.

Its the most recognizable hero shooter behind tf2

Well yeah, you can thank R34 community for that.

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It pre-downloads stuff on OW now.

So far they’ve been dribbling them out weekly, one by one during the course of the event, so there might be more.

But no, your expectations aren’t too high. OW2’s monetization is a terrible deal. I think even fanboys agree on that.

The people who think Microsoft is going to save this game are delusional.

Just look at what an Ex-Microsoft CEO did to Wizards of the Coast with the D&D open gaming license.

All because D&D “wasn’t monetized enough”.

I think the irony is we were promised new systems that would allow players access to content in which to be fair they did but they implemented it in the worst way possible.

I mean, if you missed out on some skins in OW1 you’re out of luck especially if it was a challenge skin, now it’s literally a test of wallets.

Don’t click the shop seriously it’s designed for you to peek in and get fomo best thing is to ignore it if you don’t want to support blizzards terrible prices/business. Just play game for free and move on

You’re exactly right. There is nothing we can do about it. We can only cherish the good ol’ times of Overwatch. Rest in Pepperonis before this forums shutdown too lol.

“We are going to redefine a sequel with OW2”
continues to recycle stuff from past years

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I just want to know what it has to happen for them to do something about this mess of a sequel (or update? What is it?).

They’re trying really hard to make it seem like the forums are just a vocal, toxic minority, when in reality they get harshly critiqued on almost all their social media accounts.

I can’t believe how little they care about their customers, nor their public image.

Seeing a recolor "skin " that was like 250 points back then, now costing 9 dollars or so . What a total joke man.

Im gonna say it: Lunar New Year events are objectively bad in every game. Not because of China or politics or anything but the theme don’t fit to the games they make an event out of it and the event turns out either being lackluster or just a shop-only cashgrab. Or in OW’s case, both.

Mostly this, F.

Though I was still mad Echo wasn’t a support/they released her before one.

I love how you call it Lunar NY and then say China, that’s funny.

LNY is fine in Battle Cats, perhaps you could try a little cultural education/exchange instead of painting ‘all games’ with an ‘LNY bad’ brush? Overwatch’s LNY used to be really fun, one year they slapped a beard onto many heroes, including Zen, who needs to have had it stuck on his face like a kid in a fake moustache.

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Agree. OW2 is pretty near impossible to defend or endorse to others. Used to be no less than 8 new legendary skins you could earn, per event. Now it’s an epic you got 2 years ago.

When OW1 launched there was so much excitement and legitimate enthusiasm around it. You couldn’t stop half the social media-using artists on the planet from drawing the heroes. People wrote songs about their experience, and some of them were pretty darn good!

Overwatch 2 is hard to talk about without listing all the ways it is lesser than its predecessor.

Thanks, Activision. Thanks, Kotick. You took a hugely popular GotY title with dedicated fans and you fixed the hell out of it.