I dont my coin for battle pass

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I have 1k coins that i bought but i dont see them. What do i do? Is it just a bug issue cuz i really dont want to buy the coins again. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


I’ve had the same thing, I bought 500 coins and the purchase went through but the coins aren’t appearing.

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I bought the battle pass and they still haven’t given me my 2000 coins and most of the heroes have blocked me, apart from that my profile is not the same and neither is it a merger of my two Nintendo and Play accounts.I had 140 hours played with Reaper and now I only have 47 hours.

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Same here… i got the 2,200 coin pack but didnt recieve them

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Same didn’t receive them too I but 2 of them

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I bought 1000 > got insta dc > they charge me 9.99 and > got nothing

Me too, bought the Watchpoint pack about a week ago and the game is telling me to purchase it again.


Same here ^^.

We were

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I too purchased 2000 coins on xbox one x and they not showing up in game

I am on playstation and buy 1000 coins for 9,99€ and they are not in the game. I want to buy the battlepass

same here i bought the starter pack and they charged for it instantly yet i never received my coins or skin :frowning:


I got 2200 coins about an hour ago and they still arent loaded into my account yet

I did get my coins after about a day. Maybe the current updates will finally fix the rest of any still present issues

today I made a purchase of the battle pass and it has not given me the rewards of the battle pass

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This also happened to me today

I just Purchased the currency to get the battle pass but it didn’t show up and it already charged
my card :frowning:

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