I don't have reason for play ranked

I already wrote a report on this topic that I was stuck at a buggy rank, namely, Bronze 5. Before people come running who say “It’s my own fault”, I hasten to answer that the last 2 qualifications were won with a score of 14-2 (winning and loss, respectively), and before that there were about 7-3, etc. And I have already passed 5 such qualifications. My friend, with whom I started playing, has already reached platinum and I cannot go any further with him. And I, being a healer (top healer is always for 2 teams), I remain in bronze.
I lose any desire to play ranked and overwatch in general, although I really like this game. Support hasn’t responded in weeks. I am terribly disappointed with the work of the company and the game in general. And here, as you understand, it’s not even about skins, but about the bonus system.