I cannot express how happy this makes me


Sound like Rastion. Need to try it though

Im glad, he really needed some buffs.

But, everyone seemed pretty okay with the damage, and everyone seemed to think the Projectile size reduction came out of nowhere and was unwanted.

If only they reverted the projectile nerf, but ill take it

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Wait what is this? What does it do? Maybe i’m reading it wrong or maybe im stupid. is this the damage it does after the third bounce (when it explodes by itself) or something?

Primary fire damage: 120 -> 140

I believe its when you hit a target directly

Oh so when you hit something directly it’s the full value of the splash damage with a “bonus” tacked on?

Correct. The direct impact damage got buffed by 20.

Ive been playing since januray 2017 and honestly this is the first time i learned explosions are split in two parts lol

Buff doesn’t matter if his projectiles still phase through characters lul

I’d love to make fun of you, but I had 50+ hours on Sombra before realizing she wasn’t saying “Propoganda is useless.”