I bet they're regretting

…getting rid of the dislike button.

The dislike button was the one way silent lurkers could show their disapproval of yet another thread about:

  • Revert Mercy
  • Hammond ruins the game
  • Overwatch is dead/dying
  • Ana needs mobility
  • Brigitte and Moira are OP
  • Bring back the dislike button

You’re doing a great job Blizzard. But please, bring back the dislike button.


Looks like they don’t. And tbh i agree with them completely. If you disagree, just post reply or like existing replies disagreeing with post.


Yeah, would be better to show also the opinions of silent people, otherwise we see only positive crying threads.

Real positive community we’ve got here.

Community is unfortunately what it is no matter what you do. However, dislike button discouraged posting unpopular but constructive posts.

There is many posts on these forums i wish i could dislike, but i know that if dislike button existed, many actually good posts would be disliked just because opinion was unpopular.


I’m actually in full agreement. I just posted this for reactions. It’s too bad the forums have very little thoughtful discussion. Maybe I should spend more time on Reddit? Not much of a Reddit guy but maybe it’s better…


Why? Now people who are wrong needs to speak up, and everyone can see how wrong they are and how little water their arguments hold.

Silent lurkers can:

  • Mute the thread.

If you cant make a counter argument nobody wants to see your silent disapproval. You can keep it to yourself.

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Every place has their upsides and downsides imho.

r/Overwatch is pretty nice place, but front page is full of highlights, and balance discussion threads rarely get upvotes. But i guarantee that pretty much all the unconstructive and whiney posts will be downvoted or removed there.

As for competitive subreddit, i personally dislike it because their discussion tends to be extremely one-sided. But they are often talking about balance.

These forums are, in my opinion, often the best place to discuss about game because lack of downvotes means that discussions usually has posts from all different viewpoints. Downside is that you often need to see tons of unconstructive and whiney posts here…

I’d say it’s worth trying every place and see which one you like most.


here is their official stance on the dislike button from a week ago:


I posted a lot on the old forums about Mercy and suggested tweaks/significant changes but got downvoted a ton because “lol Mercy main”.

I’m glad that now these people don’t hide behind a dislike button and actually have a debate with me.


Appreciate the feedback

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Pretty much.

Most unfortunate thing about Mercy discussion is that Blizzard themselves decided to further discourage it with megathread.

There is many things i wished to say about Mercy, and i put months of thought into, but i never even bothered to make post anywhere. I stopped playing Mercy entirely and now i avoid talking about her too.

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you can say " :-1:" tho…
they are not regretting anything…they probably have office parties that involve reading comments and laughing at people, with beer and snacks, if i worked there i would organize that to make employees have some fun

I haven’t stopped playing Mercy entirely, but I play her A LOT less than I used to.

I can’t believe how ignorant they’ve been towards Mercy and especially her community.

At least I have Symmetra now. I’m just hoping they listen to feedback for once and buff her primary fire a bit.

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I’d imagine the megathread approach is to limit the repetitiveness and spam of it all. A large part of the repetitiveness is not even rationale or constructive…

This game feels like it’s always been about giving every kid on the soccer field a medal, so I’m not surprised a way to express disapproval is gone.

Still found this post pretty funny though.

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I would as well.

I’m glad someone did :grin:

The like button is the new dislike button.

Seriously all these thread usually get a snappy first comments which had more likes than the opening post.

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