I bet they're regretting

They get spammed away by people circlejerking on the bad threads, which imo is worse.

Another step forward to a forcedly harmonic society where everyone can talk crap or play like trash and still have his save bubble to ignore counter-arguments. I hate this world.

better without it.
Encourage people to have some guts and speak up instead of downvote and run.

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I agree that some people just keep spamming, but why not punish people that are actually a problem? Megathread kinda punishes everyone, especially likes of myself who rarely make new threads on these forums.

Yeah, but dislike button doesn’t fix the fact that people keep bumping bad threads with replies.

It’s not forum problem, it’s people problem.

At least those threads often get constructive replies that are worth reading on their own.

I couldn’t stand the butthurt about getting ‘unjustly’ downvoted by those evil Genji or Mercy mains. So i’m kinda glad it’s gone.

It was also quite silly when the same opinions got harshly disliked in one thread and strongly upvoted in another depending on the poster, time of day, the forum’s mood, or which group was currently in the majority.