I Absolutely Hate The Role Lock

I’m sure many people disagree but the role lock system gives me two major problems. First of all. Its introduction into quick play kind of takes away some of the fun of the gamemode of switching up characters mid game to try out different characters and abilities. For those of you saying that there will be an arcade mode for normal quickplay please remember that you cant get spray achievements in arcade mode. Thats my first problem. My second problem is that off games exist. Like when you get in with a few friends and you’re playing your role and not doing nearly as good as you usually do. Before it would be easy to just switch roles with one of your bois but now you seem to be stuck there for the whole game as far as I can tell. Personally I think it kills a lot of the game a kills the fun of choosing your character.

Edit: Aight ive seen a ton of good points both for and against role queue and at this point i’d be happy if they just moved normal quick play to the main menu next to role queue quick play and enabled spray achievements on it


Let me guess, DPS main?


I’d rather not have to choose whether my team gets a tank or a healer so often.


I was honestly thinking it is great for competitive, but kinda surprised it was made for quick play.


Actually no. I used to play mostly mercy in ranked but I have yet to get back into ranked really. After Mercy I did flex before I stopped playing cause the person I queued with had a falling out. Im just now trying to get back into it and strongly dislike this new system. Especially with it being forced on all players instead of giving us the choice to queue with it turned off and match with other players that have it off.


Its introduction into quick play kind of takes away some of the fun of the gamemode of switching up characters mid game to try out different characters and abilities

Playing “musical chair heroes” is not nice or productive for a team. Learn the abilities in the training room. Each role still has plenty of other heroes to choose from if you dislike the abilities of one hero.

Before it would be easy to just switch roles with one of your bois but now you seem to be stuck there for the whole game as far as I can tell.

You would be surprised how confident people are in flexing on different roles and they mean well but play at nearly a 1k lower rating than they do on their main role with the same SR in comp bringing down the team substantially with them.
Role queue fixes more negatives than any positives of not implementing it.
To be honest, it should have been part of the game’s launch.


why though, quickplay has the same rules as comp, only you just play one round and don’t need to bother about rankings

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I have been playing support more then DPS recently, and never realized how much I offer to switch from DPS to heals with another healer, who usually is very happy to do so, until I tried out the PTR.

It has limits. Like I can only play tank decently on a few maps, and usually pick them then.

I’ll probably be on arcade for the rest of the game personally, but that’s just me.


You do realize having both like you’re asking will mean tanks and supports basically will ALL be in role queue, and that means you will have 9 times out of 10 5 dps and someone that begrudgingly goes a healer. It’s already bad without role queue, but that problem will be a hundred fold worse for that option of play.


As for the quick play argument i maintain my stance that quick play should be focused on fun with winning as a secondary objective. I just think this takes away from that. I know a lot of people dont share that feeling but I stand by it. As for the second part ive seen it go both ways with someone playing terrible on whatever character they switch to but people switching classes to someone they end up being way better at after being asked by the team.


Fun is subjective. Some people view winning the match as fun. Running around with 5 dps and dying is not fun to most.
It’s not like it’s a single hero lock. You make it seem so restrictive. You click dps and you have literally every dps hero to have fun with without throwing the match.


I view not having the match be a one sided stomp and instead a very VERY hard fought game on both sides win or lose to be fun, and you can play for hours on live without getting a single one of those, but on PTR I’m getting them back to back to back to back, so I’m going to love it when role queue hits quick play, so I can have a decent game without the stress of potentially dropping out of GM.


in b4 @Lias

Yeah, I hate it too…ah well


Looks like we are the minority

Yep, it offers consistent fun and constant pressure/intense fighting as opposed to rare instances of wacky or functional compositions.


But you pick healer or tank and your options go down a lot…


You don’t just click queue and once you’re in the game go, “huh… I can only heal as a support?!? Where did my options go?”

In qp? When i pick que i dont think who i wona play, i decide healer or tank in game.
Thats my option, heal or tank
Thats what i would like to have at least in qp
If the arcade mode is not permament i gona be angry.


So yeah. Whatever you say is contradicting.
I know my Mercy Main friend is happy because she didn’t want to play vs high rank players when she played DPS.
However I disagree with the way she thinks, I accept her for who she is and let her play the way she wants.


Healers are always applicable to any type of team comps being run, and tanks, they only thing they CAN’T reliably do is kill reaper but that’s why it’s a team game, healers are always going to largely rely on the input of their team and tanks also, and the dps also need healers and tanks to pull their weight. And hammond is fun as balls, who needs a different hero when you have him :smiley: