How'd you get started on the forums?


Started on EU forums. Realised no one actually game a sh*t about EU forums and we never had dev’s respond, plus it was dead. So I moved to US forums.


But reaper hardly did…

I mean, sure, the game itself changed, but when it comes down to it, Reaper can still do that.


U wanna be a mod?


I started posting because I hated Mercy’s rework.

…dang not a lot has changed


Honestly, I’d think the playerbase would be better if I was.

I don’t try to be tyrranical. Unpopular opinions are fine. But there’s so much going on here that are clearly breaking CoC and ToS. Of the ~12 times I’ve gotten punishment, over half of them were removed shortly after they were made (under 24 hours). I think the mods need help. From players who are actively on the forums regularly. From players who know CoC. From players who actually want to make this community better.

Why are players still allowed to rank shame? Doesn’t that fall under “picking a fight” in trolling? Why are players still allowed to talk about what other users have done months ago as evidence that their argument is non existant, even if the original claims aren’t even true in the first place? Why are players still sitting on here threatening Blizzard and them taking hours if not days to remove those posts? Why are players still harassing others through multiple accounts? Why isn’t Blizzard cracking down on users of multiple accounts to circumvent bans/suspensions (as defined by CoC)?

Not only do they need help, but they need clarity.


Like everyone else, I first came here to drop on the floor and start kicking and screaming like a child. Back then the UI did some funny stuff if you had any analog input while using M+KB and I came here to complain.

Then I learned that there’s a lot of cool people and stayed for the fun and memes. I’ve become a lurker ever since the new forums rolled out, but I still love you guys


I literally misclicked and found it by accident


I was watching a lot of OW youtube videos and they’d keep referring to the forums as their source of information - so I started just coming straight here for news to save me the ads. The community has been mixed, obviously a lot of complaints - but there are more than enough funny / pleasant users to keep me checking in. I don’t have friends who are as obsessed with this game, and it’s cool to see I’m not alone on here lol


And you’ve been in love ever since, such a beautiful meet cute :’)

BTW I can’t wait to see Nevermore’s story lol


:joy: Yes me and the forums have been through thick and thin. It was destiny


“Wowie a forums where I can talk to other people. Maybe I can make new friends and learn stuff.”
two months later
“All Mercy mains must die! I need attention!”
one ban later
“I’ll be back with posts even dumber than the last!”
one new account later
“All heroes must be nerfed! I still need attention!”
Yeah that pretty much sums it up. The inspiration for the original Mercy Main PSA post was the Bacon PSA from Parks and Recreation.


I sought out the forums specifically to ask what was wrong with reaper.

At the time he was so, so, utterly god awful.
(S4 era)

Since then, mostly just a forum rat on the phone when I’m unable to play the game because it passes the time.

I basically just eat, sleep, and breath OW.


It was nothing but a random impulse to join the forums, i might regret it now😂

I joined april 22 this year, i used to talk about the balance of the game often but now i ether create some positive threads that are ether related to overwatch or not or i go to other threads like that (like this one)


As someone who frequented Yu-gi-oh forums discussions back in the day it’s tame over on the Hearthstone forums actually.


I actually like that they still have the Like and Dislike system over there. I wish they brought that back.


I only joined in June,looked up the forums for no reason and now here I am trying to get to level 3 :joy:


You should see the posts when shudderwock was new. Ugh.


It started with thread on old forums. I googled if there was way to check current daily arcade modes without launching game. I found this thread:

I just visited there at first, didn’t use forums for anything else. Then, when new forums launched, i ended up making new version of same thread: [Wiki] What Arcade modes are available today?

I can’t remember why, but i’m eternally grateful that Superbunny allowed me to take over. I’ve had great time doing this.

Now, because i was updating this thread once a day anyway, i naturally ended up becoming regular on the forums in the process. Since the day forums launched, i have participated on various threads daily, including balance discussion, various arcade threads whenever i see one, many of the fun threads because i like answering them…

I was apparently one of the first users to reach trust level 3, for some reason. It surprised me because i’m not that much of a regular here. I have only ever made 3 new threads so far. :smiley:


I’ve always been a forum junkie, talking about balance and characters for games.

Thus I have 2 megathreads on Bastion, 1 poll thread that explains exactly what people want done to him, even showing that non-Bastion players and mains agree that he needs less spread and HS added back.


Enjoy the climb friend, one day you’ll be part of the cool kid club


Been here since the beginning of the old forums, but only started posting regularly since the new forums came out.

I started as a person who would post/discuss fanmade concepts for heroes, reworks, maps, etc. I would also discuss tactics, meta, and balance changes constantly.

I was also (and still am) a huge advocate of Bastion and what he needs to be successful in this game