How Would YOU Change Mercy? 🤔

Revert mercy, bring back to 60 hp, and move Rez to ult, rez solo heroe.

One of two options:

  • Pre invulnerability resurrect rework, add damage reduction, line of sight checks. Maybe try an ult decay if it ends up abused again?

  • Remove rez, give Valkyrie more of a ‘burst’ impact (similar to transcendence) so she could have more impact and thought with her ultimate usage - though IDK what her E would be.

  • Mass rez back as ultimate with added LoS and cast time
  • E ability: Angelic ascending. Similar to Pharahs hover jets, a huge vertical jump with a help of her wings but during the leap, shes invulnerable to any cc effects
  • Healing buffed to 55-60 HP/s
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lol the devs would never do that, that would break the hero so much it’s not even funny. Mercy has always been able to look around while healing, its a core part of her gameplay and fits in with her constant use of movement/flight around the battlefield. Nice troll lol

In Custa’s interview about Mercy he even talks about why it’s so important that she CAN look around while healing.

Lucio doesn’t need to directly look at people to heal them, neither does Zen, neither does Brig, Moira’ heal is AoE and leaves a HoT, her orbs can be thrown out of her LoS and continue to heal, Ana has a long range and a scope which allows her to maintain teammate LoS easily. A beam-connect hero should never require direct LoS, Mercy is supposed to be constantly scanning the battlefield and searching for low health targets/souls to rez/people to fly to.


Rez on ultimate, single use. No slow down. “Heroes never die” wind up before ult goes off.

Cleanse effect on E. Dispells stuns, slows, roots, ailments (venom from mine, discord orb), etc. would have a lingering effect for a very brief time (1-2 seconds) that worked purely on Mei’s slow (or any other slows if they’re added)- simply to avoid “oh heir being slowed. CLEANSE. Oh they’re still being slowed” situations.

I’d start with a 10 second cooldown and go up or down from there.

GA left unchanged.

Primary heal would be more dynamic. The “straighter” the beam, the more healing she would deliver. 3 distinct phases, with distinct visual enhancements at each stage, similar to syms beam.

The weakest would be when the target is near the edge of, or off of, the mercy pkayers screen.

If they were in relatively the center of the screen (think of the circle soldier sees whencusing tac visor that targets need to be in to be locked on, give or take)- the beam would ramp up, growing in visuals / intensity- doing more healing.

If mercy was aiming relatively ON the target (with a tolerance similar to what Moira’s attack does), beam would be at full power- doing the most healing

This would give the player an active aspect to their primary healing that gives a mechanic to reward- while still allowing her to function similarly to how she does now.

Others posted it already or made their version of it but I am lazy so here have a link.

No wait! That one was wrong… here try this one instead.


This brightened my day :joy:

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What is funny is that people still believe she is useless.

Put the current rez to her ult. Get rid of Valkyrie.
Make guardian angel slower, on longer cooldown (maybe removing the need of a target to work) or reduce her self heal.

  • Remove E
  • Remove Valkyrie
  • Q now has a 0/1000 meter over it. You get one charge of single target instant rez by healing 1000 health
  • Able to hold 3 charges maximum at once

Buff Valkyrie…so that it’s more “impactful”…more of a burst thing then the “drawn out” one we have now…stronger but shorter…or change it all together for something new…no revert…leave her base kit alone

I want a rework tht’s a half rework so to speak (it’s still recognizeable as Valk Mercy)

FIrst things first Remove rez from E

Next up we alter Valk, the short answer is this. Remove All the Aspects of Valkyrie that are not fun and player controlled
This Means No More Chain Beams, half duration and no more bonus to her self regen.
IN return we buff the single beam to somewhere between 120 and 200 HPS and her Damage beam to I think about 40 - 50%
Next we give her her single target rez attached to the Ultimate Key while she’s in Valk
New Rez will have 2 charges and will have a cast time that can be managed mid fight without cowering
My idea for this is somewhere between .4 and .8 seconds (For reference .8 seconds is the cast time of Sound Barrier from ground level.) and no or very minimal reductions to her speed.

Next because Mercy 1.0 was weak because she lacked mid fight potential and that’s why she was D lister the moment Ana could be playedWe GIve Mercy a Manageable E ability

There are dozens of idea’s floating around, mine is one I call Biotic Shield
Cooldown : 8 - 12 seconds
Duration: 1 - 2 seconds
Mercy’s beam target gains a 20 - 50% damage resistance and immunity to all negative effects, this will also cleanse current effects from the target
(Also for those worried about Console, this ability will only be avialable during her Staff which means we can put it on the unused Reload button)

So there you go, there’s my proposed rework, please not that anywhere I had two numbers seperated by - it means that is my proposed range and I think the proper balance is somewhere between those numbers

Remove rez, healing back to 60 hps.

What do you mean?

Valk is fine.

If anything, it would be raised to 55.

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Awww these are the types of forum jokes that are funny.:joy:

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id remove her angelic descent passive so that pharmercy doesnt exist

Valckyria must be removed altogether. If mercy remains without an ability on the E, that’s fine.
To the question I answer: Mercy 1.0 but with the modified mass rez. There are many ways to change it. This rework is a failure not only for mercy but for the whole community.

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MAYBE 55hp/s
right in the middle of right now where apparently her winrate is still decreasing (haven’t checked recently) and just completely outhealing every healer in the game. As for Valkyrie, I would leave it as is. Don’t really care for how not fun she is or isn’t because I have fun with her and I’m the one changing mercy.

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55 hps is not enough. 60 hps was already a very low value. You do not have to consider total healing, but the healing burst, because we are talking about a main support, the main support function is to mitigate the damage with its healing burst. 60 hps are also few because it does not have heal combos (ana and moira have it). If you eliminate valkyria (heal aoe) you could also hypothesize a buff to his healing(65 hps). But blizzard to continue with this colossal error of the rez on the E, nerf on the weaknesses of mercy (usually you do nerf on a strength of a hero, this should make us reflect)

60hp/s completely neutralizes Winston. 65 outheals Winston’s damage. Valkyrie with both makes Winston completely useless because of the AoE. Healers shouldn’t counter the tanks that are meant to counter healers.

It doesn’t help that Mercy is the most consistent main healer in the game and probably always will be. Can’t miss like Ana and doesn’t have a resource meter like Moira

Just realized how tired I am, I should get off the internet at 1am :joy:


Full revert. Rez has no invincibility, requires LoS. She also gets to keep her fly hop.