How to solve the smurf/booster problem

report them for throwing.
let me clarify this:
A smurf/booster can be a person who made a second that he keeps by manipulating the match maker system (by hard throwing, soft throwing, or not trying at all) to stay in a low rank

report these people by saying “throwing games” in gameplay sabotage if they admit to being a smurf or if you are fully sure they are smurf with your team. I got over the last month many thank you for your report screen for reporting smurfs/boosters. sometimes i didnt get those screens on people i thought were smurfs because guess what they werent. easy as that the system will check the account and do whats right. if you want to help contribute rather than crying about it

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It doesnt really matter if you say anything cause its still automated system whats banning people after (max. 100 reports) & its been the same for the past 2-3 years.

actually no.

there are words that trigger the system and actions as well.
11 reports from 11 players of the same match report the person at the same time. as well as the words unfun trigger the system

If you report someone for something that didn’t happen in the current game, then you should be banned.


if you report someone for abusing the system which they do on a daily basis and get results you should be happy.

You’re the one who’s abusing the reporting system. You may only report things that actually take place in the game. Speculations about previous games are not OK!


so you are saying lets someone who confesses to being a smurf/booster and/or someone destroying my whole team because his main is in 4101 and stay at this rank to play with his gf fair and i should not use the report system that gave like idk 30 thank you report screens to me for doing so at all?

I am very sure that a GM or a forum moderator would tell you the same thing.
You can only report things that took place during the game.

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where is the rule excatly? and how am i abusing system by reporting a smurf? unless you can find it from a updated source that i can only report actions taken in the same game, you really dont have any proof and gm players dont count as proof and same goes with forum mods because they are well versed in the forums rules and not in game rules.

If they tell me in that game that they throw or boost people, is that not in that game? Seems reportable then to me.

Well, you usually only report for what actually happened.
Not what could happen.
If they currently aren’t doing anything, then you shouldn’t report.

It’s like when I babysit for 2 kids, and one kid hits the other because of something they did last week.
Okay, but that was last week. Right now the kid isn’t doing anything.

Also, do you have proof that they are a smurf?
Did they say so?


When you report someone, that report must be based on facts. Because one player is playing very well and maybe dominates all the other players, you don’t have the right to report him. It is a misconception to assume that a player is a Smurf because he plays better than other players and it gets even worse if you then assume that that player must have been a Thrower at some point.

If you regularly submit reports based on speculation, you should be banned for that. Recently I have seen more and more players calling other players to submit a report in match chat. Something like this should be punished quickly and severely.

If a player tells you that he will throw in the current match, you can report him for that.

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so someone saying they are smurfing/boosting and you see that they dont belong in that rank isnt reportable? well if it is not why did the system give me a thank you for your report screen on the people that i reported for throwing who did throw excatly?
i will tell you why. because the system is meant to be used to help the devs clean the community.
reporting someone for doing bad, for not joining team chat, for staying on same hero because they cant play other heroes or for switching heroes IS ABUSING THE REPORT SYSTEM

i dont report because they are good. i reort because it is baltant that they are by my team and what they would say if confronted. i dont tell any1 else to report with me btw

you ahve any proof to back up that words trigger the system, as im pretty sure i can say the ugliest crap in game and if no one reports me, nothing will happen.

jeff stated that smurfing isnt reportable. so, you are abusing the automated system by making reports on that.

What do the players say when you ask them something about smurfing?
So I know exactly what I would say if someone asked me if I was a smurf.
I would say that I regularly carry players into the Top500 rankings for money. :rofl:
I’m sure you understand where I’m going with this.

11 player report kinda happened to me so that i can vouch for
unfun triggers it and i dont wanna say the proof because i am disappointed in myself for it

i have stated what i mean by smurf someone who abuses the mmr system to stay at a low rank what he meant by smurf and he explained is basically a alt account which is different than what i mentioned in my thread

post that you decided not to read

someone recking your whole team with level 27 account or memes around and when confronted by everyone says something. at this point, idc what you say BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY ARE CONTRADICTING YOUR SELF WHEN YOU POSTED THE SECOND LINK.
I report them for manipulating the match makers, boosting, and/or throwing. i am not reporting for simply being good at the game.

No, I didn’t. You can report a thrower if he deliberately throws in your match. The same applies to boosters. That shouldn’t be news.
But you state in your thread that you could report a good player for throwing. Supposedly this player should have lost at some point intentionally.
But that’s speculation and should be punished.
You are spreading misinformation here, a moderator should definitely take a look at this.

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I am not reporting a good player for being a smurf. i report a smurf or booster for being one thats what i said but you decide and nitpick words for no reason to prove a point i never stated. 2 diamonds with 1 gold who was bronze last season and still plays like a bronze when he should be playing like a gold with two low level diamond players who are not playing like a diamond but more??? hmmmmmmmm what are they doing i wonder? oh yeah BOOSTING. a low level who is level 27 who is extremely high plat and stay there while have an extreme low win rate therefore not progressing hmmmmmmmmm i wonder why? OH YEAH BECAUSE HE THROWS TO STAY AT PLAT I SEE. stop nitpicking and making points that i didnt suggest. read before you talk random words. and oh yea if you flag me for offering a solution you are false reporting and should be banned oh well i guess

As long as there is no one who can follow the account thoroughly there is no way to make that happened.
There is so many ways it can go horribly wrong when it’s just an automate ban.

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Maybe it is a second account and this player may have a lot of gaming experience but not the mechanical skills to successfully play DPS. Who knows? But you want to report this player based on your speculation.

I wouldn’t know how else to interpret your thread.

So your thread doesn’t say more than “report players if they are throwing or boosting in your games”?
As i said, this is nothing new.

=> Report the players based on facts which are verifiable in your own game. :+1:
Anything else is not allowed.