How to solve the smurf/booster problem

i dont even understand what you said here and i wont even try with you fam.

I don’t care what you think, there’s nothing I can do about it.
But there are other players as well and hopefully nobody will fall for this nonsense.

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sure what i say is nonsense and your’s isnt. i offered something you dont wanna use it fine by me but dont be rude nitpick and make new points i never stated to create an argument. if you dont like what i said just go on your merry way

Nothing will ever be done because they are paying blizzard to basically cheat at the expense of other peoples fun.

if you report them you can get results i did.

Did you read my post?
If it’s happening in that match, then it’s something you can report for…

but not all smurfs did that, infact most smurfs you’ll meet (that are actual smurfs not just people wrongfully accused of it) are there because of the placement system by not fault of there own.

there were GM tank players players getting placed in bronze due to how bad there dps is. or gm dps players getting placed in bronze due to how bad there main tainking is

they eventually climb as the proposed rank but the placements will 90% of the time be very lenient but when they arnt…they are the single harshest thing ive ever seen.

so yes report the throwers, but dont just go around throwing reports at ppl just because you think theyre a smurf.

ive seen it many times where a team will say something like “that genji is a smurf boosting his friend” then proceed to watch that genji play exactly like the rank were currently in. having a few insane games doesnt mean that person is a smurf, every player ranging from bad to omegagodtier has good and bad games. just like how a pro can look like a bot, a bot an look like a pro.

Only by not allowing 2nd and more accounts you can stop it. Smurfs are their biggest income now, so nothing will happen.

But alternate accounts in and of themselves are not bad.
It’s how people use them that are bad.

Or because they placed low and don’t feel like climbing.
I have 2 accounts on xbox.
One is my first that I did original placement matches at level 25.
I placed around 2K and quickly fell to bronze.
I got another account and played a season with it.
I stayed at gold.
But with my other account I’m still bronze, because I don’t play much.
Am I smurfing?
I know it’s not much of a difference, but I imagine that if it can happen with me, it can happen with others with a much bigger difference in ranks.

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honestly id go as far as to say you might be reverse smurfing.

atleast for PC (but it should be the same on console) when a person falls into bronze its because they 100% deserve it. if that same person were to make a brand new account and place gold and somehow manage to maintain it, it doesnt mean they belong in gold. it just means the actual skill difference between bronze and gold isnt as wide as people seem to think.

carrying out of bronze is one of the easiest things anyone should be able to do.

no one in diamond just accidentally fell into bronze, i can promise you that.

anyone who falls down (that arnt intentionally throwing that is), belongs there beyond a shadow of a doubt.

and to answer the question, yes that would be smurfing if you were capable enough to carry from bronze ot gold like most golds can.

if you want to know if you belong in gold, you should climb the original account up. on average it should take 2-3 days for a gold to climb back into gold. a plat would do it in about 1-2 and a diamond could do it in less then 10 hours or so (climbing into gold that is).

Yes. Because people lie and brag about untrue things online constantly. Know how many low level accounts I’ve played with on my Alt in Plat that have claimed to be Top 500 but obviously aren’t?

More than I can count.

Love that idea. Smurfs are insane lately, especially with the half price account sale going on. bronze quickplay is almost unplayable atm. People really have no life and it shows.

Bronze QP what does that even mean?

And there in lies the issue.
I don’t want to spend days or hours on hours climbing up.
Too many comp games gives me anxiety, and I don’t like that.

When I first started, definitely.
I was level 25 and didn’t know much about the game. (A reason why I think requirements for entering comp should be changed. Which would also slow down the number of smurfs in comp.)
But now?
I like to think that I know better and can do better.

NGL, I like bronze games better.
With gold games you get higher ranked people, and I’ve seen more angry/salty people there in those few months than I have ever seen in all my years in bronze.