How to master Valkyrie (an ez guide)

Did you just forget your original comment to me?

I mean, I just posted it a minute ago too. Your excuse for mercy not being fun is you don’t do something that makes her more fun.

Lol I like it. You try and compare discord to chain damage boost on 5 team mates, and you immediately move the goalposts when you get proven wrong. This is starting to become a trend.

I said that the ability is basically a discord orb to teams that can focus fire,
You mention a whopping total of 2.heroes who can make use of that on very rare occassions to get more damage then the discord orb (2 heroes that almost never appear on the same team.)

Hence proof it’s underwhelming as all hell, the healing can’t save people and Damage boost is just a slightly better discord orb attached to an ultimate.
It’s still good but just as has been said dozens of times it’s the kind of “Good” that isn’t engaging

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No no no no no. What I mentioned was Valkery gives 5 people on your team 30% more damage, including team mates who do aoe damage.

See? It’s pretty clear.

You decided to take one part of that, being the “even if their using aoe abilties”, and be outraged over that specifically because you’re a disgruntled mercy main who’s overly defensive and looking for a reason to argue more.

Now are you going to respond to the original point?

“Heroes never die!”



I love the level of drama from the Revert Mercy cult. As if Mass Rez was somehow a more complicated ultimate - you go in and press Q. By that standard, Valkyrie is absolute quantum physics.

Here’s a suggestion if you hate Mercy so much (I find her fun and balanced), why don’t you pick a more challenging hero and stop spamming the forums every 2 seconds.

PS. Nobody cares about some random mercy main streamer, can you please stop the advertisements. I get it you are a cult follower but other people actually have independent thinking and can think for themselves.

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Nd then I responded with something to the effect of “what non ult ability does significant AOE damage” you gave me exactly 2 examples

So 2 heroes get a decent bonus that they wouldn’t get out of a Discord Orb, hence that one tiny bonus to those 2 heroes is the only thing you get out of damage boost during Valk that you don’t get out of focus fire and a Zen orb

Valk would be slightly more palatable if it did both chain healing and damage boosting at the same time now that healing is back at 50 hps.

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Your response was not to the original point. Your response was taking a part of the sentence out of context so you could move the goalposts and continue to argue. Now until you address the original point, which is Chain damage boost is obviously a lot more powerful than discord, don’t bother replying again. You’re not looking for a discussion, you’re looking for an argument.

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of surprised they didn’t do that. I guess because valk was originally a reset res ult, they haven’t really played around with what it could be.

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All the Mercy mains who chose her (rather than having her thrust on them due to her power) seem to agree that we LIKE the challenge of juggling beam targets to keep everyone up. So what does blizzard do? Make us not have to do that anymore! Great! Thank you for making a skill that I’ve worked for and enjoy using no longer necessary for a 15 second period where I’m a giant glowing flying target!

I’m generally a really nice person but the bitterness at the progression of Blizzard’s decisions with Mercy makes it hard to not be sarcastic. The transition was like “well she can’t do this anymore but she can still do this at least” “oh well she can’t do that anymore either but at least she has this” “okay now rez is at least 50% of the time just a self stun”

They wanted to get rid of Hide and Rez and now you MUST hide to rez.

I really want a nerfed valkyrie fly (no chains) on a long E and an instant single rez on a long charge ulti.


While it is true you can initiate fights with Valkyrie’s fantastic chain damage boost, you will almost always have to go back to chain healing to try and sustain your team, as unless your offhealer feels like burning an ult, they won’t be able to keep your team up by themselves (not that Valk healing is going to save much of anyone).

There is a very solid reason to initiate with Valkyrie’s chain damage boost, but to others it is just as boring as using it at any other times. I personally find Valk boring as hell no matter how I use it, unless I get to go smack a widow around, but if other people think it’s fun, then that’s great for you.


30% increased damage on a single enemy
30% increased damage dealt by my teammates
Aside from those few and far between AOE abilities once a team becomes skilled enough to focus fire the difference is neglibible and that’s the problem, you get a very tiny amount of bonus AOE damage out of a handful of abilities (which ults is it worth using chain beams for anyway?)

Hence my stance that Valk is underwhelming as all hel, what about this is moving the goalposts?

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This is true.

But mass res was no better. Easy and done in an Instant.

I don’t like them both, would prefer another rework👌


I mean instant cast ults can be interesting and fun to use especially if they come with risks like pre invuln did. Of course a single target valk with dual rez would be so much better, give Mercy a new more manageable E and presto



Though adding invul was a massive mistake. Still though, would prefer valk, but it needs a lot of work.

I’m with you Melke👌

Good t see you

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Good to see you too Jelly.

Let’s make it happen, Valkyrie 2.0 with rez removed from E


Sounds better then most things I’ve heard.

As long as it’s not mass res I’m good.

Let’s do this people☺️

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1st goalpost is Mercy’s ult is useless you use it then the entire team dies and you can then fly to them at spawn.

2nd goalpost is “It’s not fun” an argument which is irrefutable as your idea of fun cannot be denied by another person.

I personally think her rez should be removed, her healing increased back to 60, and her E replaced with an ability that removes all negative status effects for herself and her beam targets including all beam targets when in valk. She then will have more mid-fight engagement as she has to monitor and anticipate things she can cleanse. Her E can be on a more standard cooldown of 10-15 seconds which also increases engagement. With cleanse instead of rez an E cooldown reset on valk is also perfectly reasonable.

This reply of yours wasn’t moving the goalpost. Finally.

And I agree, It’s not game breaking or game changing, but it does have it’s purposes that honestly a lot of people neglect. Mass res was no better, and in many peoples opinion, much worse. For a long time mass res was so bad Mercy would fly in, res and die, and she had nothing else unless she was pocketing phara or widow. Now she actually has a reason to be in the team fight and can help control the flow of it.

With that all being said, it’s disingenuous to compare discord and damage boost. That’s like Titanium trying to compare chain damage boost and supercharger all the time. False equivalence. They’re all the same yet very much different with their own pro’s and cons.

I’m not even sure tbh. I suppose you can still damage boost tracers pulse bomb and genji’s blade. Maybe phara’s ult though nine times out of ten you want to heal her because she’ll almost always die using it, but you’re better to just single target boost any offensive ult. Defensively it helps to mitigate trash damage during long team fights, but it’s not about to save a team from getting ult comboed. It’s not really supposed to.

That isn’t to say you can’t initiate the team fight without using other offensive ults besides Valk. 30% damage on each of your team mates while they all attack together can run over teams.