How to avoid smurfs?

No, that’s not what he said at all.

Go re-read the post you’re referring to see what he actually said.

That may be well and good, but for every match they’re in that’s not at their actual/main rank, they have an unfair advantage over the players at those lower tiers, and according to the game’s own reporting system that’s cheating.

But before you get to top 500, smurfs stop you from climbing…

Will I get banned if I use my brain?

Using my brain gives me an unfair advantage over other players who clearly don’t use their brain.

Eg. Picking Genji into Mei + Winston + Moira

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Smurfs are at every rank but if your MMR is higher than your SR you’re more likely to get one on your team to encourage your win rate and push you in the direction you belong.

In other words, if the smurfs are always on the other team it’s the matchmakers way of telling you it thinks you belong at a lower rank.

Smurfing is not cheating nor bannable, as per Jeff Kaplan. Throwing is

There are smurfs in top 500 ya know

Individual player skill is never an unfair advantage.

Oh really…
Someone made a thread saying basiclly the same thing you are

Jeff replied

There you go. Starting a new account is not against the rules. I dont know anyone that has been banned for smurfing. Throwing yes i have known people. That have been temp banned. Its easyer to get banned for bad language and harrassment than throwing.

Smurf all you want boys just dont throw.

Its actually incredibly hard to get down the bronze. I know someone who afked all comp with macros and still placed in gold. This shows how messed up the system is.

if you get them on your friends list, you’ll know when they are in a game or not

Smurf is cancer and Blizzard is ok with that because money.
I report every smurf as cheating because it is, he is carrying his friends in competitive while I’m grouped with low skill players.
Blizzard’s cares about money not gameplay first.

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Eh. t500 has the highest smurf % of all ranks.

Well the sad truth is that your not t500 if you cant climb there. I mean how fing delusional are you?

This is some high tier tinfoil bs, or do you have anything else to back it up than you said it?

Just think about it for a second. The matchmaker is using MMR to design matches that push your SR in the direction it thinks you belong.

Are you ever on a game where you’re on a win streak and someone else says they are too? Or vice versa? When your SR is higher than your MMR, you are ranked too high and you’ll get teammates in the same position and/or opponents in the opposite position. It’s a really efficient way to balance everyone’s SR in one game—put people ranked too high against people ranked too low and the people ranked too high go down and the people ranked too low go up.

You really think 50.00% likelihood matches exist? Hell no, they’re 52/48, 53/47, etc.

And what does this have to do with these tinfoilhat theories?

Yep. And I have lots of other things happen too, like someone tilted af stops my win streak by throwing. Does that mean there is actually system that makes you stop your win streaks with putting a guy on tilt on your team? No. How tf would the system know if the guy is tilting or throwing or w/e? Holy s*it the amount of tinfoil on these forums.

I dont think you have the slightest clue how it works and you have crafted these theories. I dont know why you do it, maybe you have a conspiracy related hobbies so its natural to you?


Who said that? You? Like said you most likely dont know js about the matchmaker. It TRIES to match people so both teams have “50% chance to win”, in reality its not reality its just its best guess to make a balanced game. Also what you are suggesting it tries to give something like 90 to 10 odds. Like you fing contradicted your self in one post.

I don’t really care if you believe me to be honest.

If I play ONLY my main 3 heros, I’ve stayed within a 200 point spread for TEN SEASONS. If I play off my mains, even when I win because it’s what the team needs (e.g. playing McCree for Pharah), I’ll lose later games because I won’t have put up the numbers someone who mains that hero at that rank would put up. Especially if I’m shooting at Pharah, my damage figures are going to be a lot lower than if I was shooting tanks. As a result, my MMR drops and I get unwinnable games.

I’ve even had seasons where I played my 3 mains, had a 100% win rate on my flex picks (e.g. McCree), yet fall lower than another account that same season where I only played my 3 mains. Call this anecdotal if you want but I have 6 accounts and would be level 2,000+ easy if I only had one. I’ve tested this many ways on many accounts and it’s happened too much to be coincidence.

I dont really find it hard that if you flex and win you end up in games that you cant win, because as you said your effectiveness goes down so you are not carrying anymore. Ofc someone playing mccree who can delete pharahs is gonna win vs a mccree who cant delete pharahs. Like I played yd we had 2stack who was playing mccree + zen who should have been able to take care of pharah as duo with discord + mccree, tbh I dont even know if they were shooting at the pharah because she was so free all game. I picked from tank to widow in the end to kill the pharah 3 times in a row but it was bit too late. The pharah died 0 times to mccree and only died when she came close enough so I could grill her with zarya that I was playing.

100% winrate and still fall lower in sr. I mean sure buddy. Yeah sure u most likely fall bit lower if you flex too much unless you are capable of playing those heroes. So ofc you rank higher when you play heroes you “main” aka. know how to play at least to some extent. Same happens to me. I get highest ranks when I play what I know, not when Im playing on a smurf training on some heroes I dont play so well. There is a reason why my smurfs are usually few hundred sr lower than my main, and I dont blame the MM for it, I realize that I preform differently with different heroes.

But like said 100% win rate and falling lower sr omegalul. Only way that happens is that one starts from super low sr and you only play few games maintaining the 100% win rate and other starts from much higher sr. If you play the same amount and the accounts starts roughly around same sr or you play a lot then it doesent even have to start around same sr a 80% win rate does magic to your sr in one season, not to talk about 100%.

Re-read what I said… let me reword it:

Account 1: I only play Genji/Tracer/Zarya, I stay 3600-3800 every season
Account 2: I only play Genji/Tracer/Zarya unless there’s a Pharah, then I swap McCree and win. I have a 100% win rate with MCCREE ONLY, but get games DOWN THE ROAD that are unwinnable because my time on McCree has plat/diamond actions per minute dragging down my MMR, thereby giving me unwinnable games designed to have my SR fall to where it thinks I belong based on my time on a hero I don’t have masters APM with.

Another common one is people who play Torb or Sym to cheese hold a first point. They don’t have the APM of someone who climbed to that rank with that hero (less headshots, less ideal turret placement, less overall damage, etc) but it’s enough to win against uncoordinated teams.

You didnt specify any of those in this post and if you have said those in other posts dont assume I read all your posts. Also still sounds like tinfoil af. Like actions per minute? Like wtf if I spam my keyboard and shoot walls all game Im gonna get high mmr and get people to my teams that will carry me? Like said you contradicted your self already in one of your posts so yeah…

I did say it though: “had a 100% win rate on my flex picks (e.g. McCree)” … this doesn’t mean 100% win rate on all heros. I just said this to illustrate that falling SR wasn’t due to not being effective at the flex picks, it’s because my actions per minute were lower than someone who mains that hero at that rank.

By APM I mean damage per 10 minutes, final blows per 10 mins, etc for DPS. Damage blocked, objective time, etc for tanks. Healing per 10 mins, sleep darts, offensive/defensive assists, etc as support. This is your “on fire” meter. If an average DPS in diamond is on fire 20% of the time and an average support is on fire 15% of the time, if you are at 22% as a DPS, it’ll increase your MMR. I have no idea what the averages are, I’m just picking numbers to illustrate what I mean.

He’s right though. I’ve experienced the same thing–falling in rank if I ever flex to what the team “needs”. I might win THAT game but I’ll lose future games. You can just tell when the matchmaker is trying to screw you.

If I only play my mains I hover in a tight SR range as well and the games feel pretty balanced, but if I flex I start getting more of those games where I just can’t do anything. Very much forced losses.