How to avoid smurfs?

Can you avoid someone as opponents? Cuz my team was crushed by a smurf on Monday and today I matched with that person again!

I looked their profile on Monday so I remembered the name and the player icon, I’m pretty sure it’s the same person.

PS, I didn’t report that person on Monday, but if I did, would that help?

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Once you identify a smurf, add them as friend and either learn from them, or queue with them.

Help them carry your games and u climb.

Dont behave like my low iq teammates who still want to pick dps over me when I’m playing on my platinum account.


We cant control everything happened, happening or will happen in life.
So is this flawed game. Let it go.

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??? Are you for real? These ppl can’t be trusted.

They can, smurfs usually need someone to player support for them, all you need to ask if they are ranking up or going down.


There is nothing you can do. It is not a reportable offence. Just quit the game i guess.

No, that once was an option but was removed as some players couldn’t get games period.

You just find a smurf friend and duo with him. It’s hard to rank up alone if You can’t get multi kills consistently

Most smurfs will pick you up for a few games if you just offer to pocket them on support tbh.

Depends, some are smurfing to harass and grief. There are some who are truly nice and you learn from them and get better.

Smurfing is not banable. Learn to deal with them. Accept the fact that they are here and bliz is ok with it. Only thing you can do is work with your team to dive the smurf then take out the rest of the team. Other thing you can do is unistall but, its better that you just work with your whole team. You cant 1v6 in overwatch unless the people you are playing against are god awful.

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Huh? They’re just like you a person… befriend them :rofl:

Throwing is, and they are not at that rank without throwing.


Nope i seen owl and t500 place gold and plat cause of bad players or other smurf stacks. If a t500 goes solo queue it is quite possilble to place that low.

Avoid Smurfs? Why? Use them to your benefit by testing your skill and learning from them.

People like you should be banned.

Smurfing is cheating as per the reporting system.

Anything that affords an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

A high tier player playing on a lower tier smurf has an unfair advantage over those actually at those lower tiers, thus is cheating.

Yes, it is. See my previous post above.

Yes, it is. See my earlier post in this thread above.

Jeff himself said its not. Throwing is though. He said the system is designed to have them move up to were they belong quickly. Problem is they didnt taking into account throwers leaver toxic players and god awfull teammates that make it so the best players in the world cant even win a match.

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easiest way to avoid smurfs is just getting to top 500, lul