How to avoid smurfs?

No you said on flex picks. Its not on my flex pick mccree. Its multiple flex pickS.

APM is a term that is usually used for Actions Per Minute. So I couldnt really know what you ment by that. But yeah if you perform better, you get more MMR, I dont think this was news to anyone? Also mmr does not affect you after 3k so you dont have to worry about that anymore. Just play the game and leave tinfoil theories to someone whos stuck on certain rank for reasons (usually low ranks). Also I have multiple accounts and Ive had 3 accounts in master at 3700 peak or something combined level of all accounts is like, what… uhh… gold border or something? So 1200+ lvls. I havent seen anything what you describe.

I havent seen anything like that, I guess im just lucky or something, or that the fact that the match maker doesent work like that and when you try to find patterns you find patterns when there is none. You know, like religion and behavior stuff that we have pretty good understanding how it works?

Keep it up. There is no way of telling if it really a smurf. It ciyld just be someone better that you. Your mentality is ruining the game along with a lot of other things.

You could get banned for false reporting. Watch out.

That is if they add you back, though.

Not alot of smurffs are kind-hearted folk. The ones I come across are toxic players on their alt accounts for their own entertainment at the expense of others. :confused:

Performance based SR goes away above 3k but MMR is still very real and matches are very much decided on MMR and how close people’s SR is to their MMR.

Don’t you remember that interview with Jeff about smurfs and how IDDQD’s smurf account’s MMR was the same as his main account

Despite the fact that the matchmaker “determines your skill very quickly”, you will still end up in matches against lower tier opponents.

Per the game’s own reporting system, anything that affords an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

A high tier player on a lower tier account has an unfair advantage, thus is cheating per the game itself.

Given Jeff’s comments, he seems unaware of what his own game is telling players. Thus, Blizzard need to act accordingly and either start enforcing that rule or change it.

It is if they’re using their higher tier skill against lower tier players.

He is just saying that as an excuse that there is no smurf problem when there clearly is.

Most smurfs are only one rank higher. Usually within what is allowed to be qued to your rank

if they are playing in ranks they shouldn’t be, then yes, it is.

If a high ranking martial artist, showed up and pretended to be a newby so he could beat people in low ranks, they would be banned for tourny play SO QUICKLY they wouldn’t know what hit them.

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This isn’t martial arts. As long as they aren’t throwing they aren’t actually doing anything wrong

You ASSume a lot.


They are according to the in game reporting system’s definition of cheating.

I don’t assume a lot. It’s pretty well known

They aren’t according to the lead game designer, Jeff Kaplan

Again, that’s not what he said.

He said smurfs would soon get to their usual SR.

He failed to address the fact that, in every game they play until they reach that SR, they are cheating per his game’s reporting system definition of same.

It is not exicitly stated as cheating, and if it were, unranked to GM would be banned

It clearly states that anything which affords an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

As has been explained multiple times now, a high SR player playing on a lower SR smurf account has a clear unfair advantage over players actually at those lower SRs, thus they are cheating.

The game sees these players as belonging in said SR, to the game, it is fair. Someone being skill full is not an unfair advantage in this game in any situation. If it needed to be addressed, it would have been addressedd.

If it were legitamtely cheating, blizzard would be banning this accounts. You cannot call it cheating without twisting what is stated.

It’s not fair because they’re playing on an account that’s a lower SR than what they are on their main account.

The game is unaware that they’re a higher SR player on a lower SR account because the accounts belonging to one person are not all linked (when they really should be).

No twisting necessary. Unfair advantage is unfair advantage. It’s pretty black & white.

Blizzard aren’t banning these accounts because it generates them money (at least on PC they do).

Clearly money means more to them than fair matches for their non-cheating players.