How to avoid smurfs?

that is fair enough.

Mostly we ran VERY standard by the book dive (I was the Zen for those games), and slambulance for Horizon (where I was the lucio) - but we were crazy out of our depth by the time we got to contenders trials.

But… we did get there, and we got people complaining to Blizzard that our team made it and theirs did not.

we didn’t do anything outside of normal during the actual open games, but in the scrims, we tried some pretty crazy stuff.

like im alright as a reddit lucio but i also dont like soft or even hard throwing while doing it.

I had never even heard of “reddit lucio” till today, but you are the second person to use the term, is it new?

I called it astro lucio, because of funnyastro’s style of play… I guess it was dpsstanky before that.

i used to be a bit of a stanky fan but im more of a redshell dude. and he just refers to himself as a reddit lucio, because generally the plays you get end up on reddit, or maybe thats just the plays you try and get?

makes sense, it is ALSO a good style for a streamer, since people go to the stream to watch that kind of play.

Myself, I would be extremely interested in watching a good solid Hog player or Mei streamer. Jardio doesn’t explain much of what he is doing at all, and doesn’t really do tutorials at all.

He does complain that people always play Mei wrong, but doesn’t explain what playing her right looks like.

So is less useful. Hog playing looks boring, so, no one streams playing hog well, which is sad.

I guess I am saying streaming lends itself to certain play styles more than others.

i like the idea of playing a dps lucio but even redshell and seems to soft throw a little bit. which is mainly just because hes GM and the people in gm aint no joke. thats why i do it at a lower rank where im just another dps instead of at where my main is because you cant really go reddit lucio against goats

Which clearly shows just how wildly out of touch with the game he is.

It’s a massive issue, especially on console where smurf accounts are free to make.

Ive played since beta and im not a GM or M or Diamond i tent to hover around low plat high gold area each season. Each season more and more smurfs show up (anyone that is diamond-GM that plays on an alt acct that thwy have in gold/plat or even siler…they are geting more and more sadly. I am at my rank due to a a condition called essential tremmers in my hand…(my hand shakes) so i have bad aim…i just would like to play vs people like me that have bad aim too…but instead i have to learn yo fight a GM that just feels like GM is to hard or dosnt want ruin his precious stats…either way yhey r ruining the fun of yhe game for everyone because there real rank is to hard for them aparently. But CS go had a smurf issue that they fixed somewhat by linking accts to a phone number. No it didnt cure all but it helped a lot. It would be VERY easy for activi…blizzard…to impliment this. But they wont see my post. Best we can do is report and move on

Yes he did. He said there is nothing wrong with starting a new account. You most the time will not place where you belong. Even owl players and t500 place gold plat cause of teammates.

To get to your rank again you are going to have a little grind. Some people enjoy that grind so they make a new accountm jeff directly said there is nothing wrong with that.

Stop lieing to yourself and others.

He failed to acknowledge the fact that, if they don’t end up at the same SR as their main account, then for every match they’re in playing against lower SR players until such time as they reach the same SR as their main they have an unfair advantage over those lower SR players, and according to his own game’s reporting system, anything that affords an unfair advantage is cheating.

It’s not a lie. It’s clearly stated in game.

Now you are just spliting hairs.

Again he said this read. He did acknowledge.

It might takes some games but it does.

I fell if we all use your logic, everyone including you are cheating. If you get matched with a brand new comp player that the system has put at 2300ish (it does this for quite a few people that belong in bronze btw) and you stomp that team you yourself are cheating. The system takes a while to put anyone in the correct rank/mmr.

And for those some games, they have an unfair advantage, and that’s cheating per the reporting system.

Really?, so by playing the game we are cheating by default you are saying with your logic.

Person x starts playing overwatch tomorrow he/she gets a account to lv 25 over 2-3 days. He then does placements. He places in plat. Right after placements he wins 20 streight games and is in high diamond/masters after that. With your logic he is cheating and should be banned.

Hardly, because as everyone knows winning 20 straight games isn’t logical :stuck_out_tongue:

how to avoid smurfs? Quit overwatch it’s infested with them. Most wins or losses nowdays are basically who has the smurfs and who doesn’t

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You can’t avoid them. Plus, smurfing isn’t “a problem”, according to blizzard. Get used to it my guy.

I expect given server population problems, they are will reverse that stance this year.

There’s only one way to avoid Smurfs. Play quick play.

Account sharing is against the TOS, so what you’re doing is against Blizzard’s services :slight_smile:

These nerds can ban me then lmoa they wont do anything