How much is the OW team actually listening?



With the help of you, i want to make a list of all hero changes that have been suggested (or somewhat refferenced) on the forums and then actually implemented in the game.

As a side-note: This does not mean that the developers couldn’t have come with the idea themselves beforehand without reading said idea on the forums.

For this thread to not die, please add a reply of what you idea you edited in words.

What i want you to do when editing this:

  • Add your name
  • Add the quote from the thread in which the idea was mentioned (it can be from a reply to the said thread too, it isn’t mandatory to be the original post of that thread)
  • Add a link or a quote to the patch notes that implemented the idea

It can be from the old forums or the current ones.

I will start first:




Also, with this experiment we can probably see afterwards how much they are actually listening or not.

Your effort is appreciated. I will moderate the edits and continue to add implemented ideas myself.


The old forums will have the vast majority of the history of the game, but irregardless of that pretty much any and every change you can make is probably going to be suggested in some form.

How many people asked for Soldier’s damage to be nerfed from 20 during season… 4?

Or how many people asked for Ana’s damage to go down? You could link thousands of different posts. I know I made posts talking about her near release saying nerf the damage to 70. Ironic since it went to 60 and then back up to 70 lmao.

I could link a post or two If i could see my own history on the old forums, but it’s gray’d out so rip this project is hampered significantly by that alone.


I can still acces my post history on the old forums. What you need to do is go to a thread that you know you replied to, find yourself in the replies and click on the number of posts below your name. You can see your post history from there.

Also, it shouldn’t come from the actual person adding said idea to this post.


Hey look, i found your post history.


“Reading our Feedback”
Sorry, not a quote. Just proof they aren’t listening.

Make another comment for this.


A real trip down memory lane

Funny thread. There is one a little before that about how I was saying we should nerf Soldier, and then they did I think? Maybe?

After the thread I just linked they also nerfed ana’s damage like a season or two later.

The most ironic thing is i’ve been in love with Soldier and Ana since forever just funny to see me asking for nerfs back then, I remember being a high ranked Soldier Main season 1 so I guess I really did just think he was that OP.

But anyhow this pretty much proves my point, if I say nerf Ana Damage to 75 from 80 and 2 seasons later they nerf it to 60, Is that… ? them listening? I guess, and I do agree they tend to be listening and trying, but I think it’s kind of bound to happen regardless of what the people post since so many people can claim a post to any nerf or buff.


That’s why it should be prefferable (not mandatory) to add changes that were not just basic number changes, but changes that added a mechanic or changed a mechanic of the game.

These are somewhat unprefferable to happen than just number changes to damage and/or heal etc.