How many qp vs gm I have to leave?

Before I find a match without one of them and actually have a chance to do something?

stop matching me vs those, I will leave that game in 0.0000001 sec


Why leave? I’ve had actual 4.7k players in my QP lobbies before and it wasn’t as much of a one sided stomp as you’d expect… I’ve actually won against a few GM players, so if I can do it anyone can! Just don’t give up :innocent:


If they’re on the other team, they’re also on your team.


I wonder the opposite, OP, how many QP games can I be matched with plats and golds when I’m GM? All my accounts have XP penalties.


It’s always fun knowing you where the only threat on your team. Everyone else gets un-assisted death, while I get no less than three icons next to my name.

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Actually speaking, I find QP games with higher ranked people much more enjoyable and competitive than the awful ranked mode with the same pre-existing or near rank to everyone.

You learn more in those lobbies than in your silver/gold games. Honestly speaking, some heroes play differently depending which rank you’re in and some playstyle are barely manageable the higher you go.


Matchmaking in OW is an utter joke.


Having a GM on enemy team if anything makes me want to stay


How are you facing GMs? The highest I’ve ever played against is like 3600

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Quick play mmr. I get GM all the time.


To spare me time and to actually play a match where I can live more than 2 seconds

I know… I don’t like to be carried as I don’t like to face em

I understand the feeling, you don’t want us as we don’t want you.

everyone think different , I understand that :slight_smile:

dunno there are those days when I face em almost 8 times on 10 matches.

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This is what people don’t seem to understand. I don’t care about winning or losing (a lot of the better games I’ve had are losses at final point payload attack), I just want a close game where everyone matters 🤷


I mean, you are GM last I checked so it makes sense

But yeah, I actually enjoy facing GM players in QP. Makes things interesting in my experience


the game putting really low lvls on my team: Suuuurrreee

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yep, the best games I’ve played were all real close and it felt like every decision I did mattered and not only that it felt like the decisions had real impact on the game.

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really interesting to don’t have a chance to win XD

Highest I got was a T500 controller/console player on Day 1 of Crossplay.

Was really one of the best DPS duel game I had to face in ages really.

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Did you miss me :heart:

When I first started playing (lvl 30 or around) the game started to put me on GM games in QP
I used to be diamond when I started playing ow
Putting you with GM player makes you adapt and you can improve a lot.
It might not be the best and can be very frustrating but trust me. Once you reach GM yourself you’ll be thankful to be matched against other GM players