How is mercy now "unfun"?

Her base kit was always boring but the Huge Rez was the incentive to play her, very satisfying. It’s the same reason why people stay in jobs they hate because of business trips and benefits

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This, but I would like to add that it was the loss of mind games, at least for me.

The old ult had quite a bit more thought out into it than valk. I would elaborate but I’ve done it so many times already, and I’m just tired of repeating myself; however, if you want to know just ask and I will elaborate or you can go through some of my post history either way.


Sid Meier once said, “A game is a collection of interesting choices”. It follows that game elements being out of balance and thereby eliminating choices detracts from the gameplay. Ideally, a game should be a series of choices, ending with victory of defeat or some other end condition. Sometimes, some choices will become unquestionably the only choice, or definitely not a valid choice.
If there is only one valid choice at some point, but the game hasn’t ended, there is a play balance problem. - Techniques for Achieving Play Balance

Hold that left click and act like a kite for 15 seconds, reduces the choices for that one player to 1, for an extended period of time.


The rework is unfun for 2 reasons
1 is that the hero no longer has any hell yeah moments that are all on her (with rez being the only thing that could be this kind of moment and due to it’s limitations it feels more like a skill check of everyone else rather then the Mercy.)
And 2. Mass rez was fun to use it had mind games quite often to avoid rezzing a team into a zoning ult that wipes them instantly and things like that

It was replaced with something that not only dosen’t live up to that ults fun power but take away from the fun of Mercy’s base kit
People who enjoy Mercy’s base kit are used to playing a devilish game of cat and mouse with the flankers, having incredibe mobility because that pistol is one of the worst weapons in this game to try and duel a Genji or Tracer wit even if it’s DPS potential is reasonably high.
It’s the kind of dance that means one misstep one wrong GA target and you’re in the corssairs of a team that see’s you as Top Priority kill target (as would any support.)

So why then do you give her an ult htat makes her borderline unkillable and an E that cuts into that fluid gameplay?
That’s why it’s unfun


Current rez just kinda sucks the emotion out of me.

Did I get one off?:

Yes: yay

No: oh…ok


Mercys base kit is fine and has always been if you ask me.

Her ultimate Valkyrie is just super boring since it just does what you already do but better. There is no excitement or burst impact you get from it. Just hanging in the air watching your team doing stuff.

E-rez is a gamble wether your enemy is stupid enough to let you pull it off or a test to see if you teammates can protect you. Either way it is super lame and has nothing skillful about it. You get rez every 30 seconds if you are godlike or just some random pleb doesnt matter.

What Mercy needs is another rework giving her a skillshot on her e-ability and a burst impact ultimate with risk to make her more interesting again. This rework suggestion from Titanium covers that.

What gets me is that Mercy mains can’t seem to focus on implementing a fun version of Valkyrie ultimate, and single Rez.

Oh please stop with these threads.

That’s because Valkyrie can’t be fun without being overpowered.

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Fix her on-fire rate please. :3


Valkyrie is fun to me? Flying around and doing AoE healing.

Well, this is the point where our opinions usually differs. But i am happy to see that you are listening. Again, thank you.

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Remove all the unfun aspects of it
The bonus regen, the chain beams and the duration
COmpnsation buffs can mke it be at least tolerable if you link a double (or single but I still want to try double) rez

I disagree. Double edged sword mechanics can make it powerful without being too powerful.

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You could get taht same feeling of flying by going to WOW and getting a flying mount. It’s disengaged gameplay plain and simple

Apparently pressing Q was an extreme amount of fun for them for some reason.


Because it is a dead end. There have been threads about that as well.

It was incredibely fun and what we got to replace it not only dosen’t live up to that Q press but it takes away the enjoyment of the base kit.

  1. That sounds more like a lack of imagination, rather than a design limitation.
  2. I’ll never understand why Mercy mains focus on walls of text. When usually devs completely ignore those.
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If I want to fly I can play Pharah. She doesn’t even need an ult to fly.
If I want to do AoE healing I can play Lucio or Moira. Again, they don’t need their ults to do AoE healing.

Not to mention Valkyrie encourages the player to disengage -the exact opposite of what they promised with this rework- and removes most (if not all) of Mercy’s main weaknesses.

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