How high is the skill cap of this game?

My question is, outside of aim (being able to land hog hooks does not make you a legend), how long can you keep improving in Overwatch at a reasonable rate?

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Can that question even be answered really?


idk, i have 20 hours in the game lol

Well, I can say that you can play the game and improve for much longer than that at least lol


As far as Overwatch 1 goes, it’s pretty much infinite. Mostly because of the amount of variables you encounter in this game.

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I believe it’s capped at 5000?

at 21 hours in the game you acheive max skill cap.


The skill cap is actually exceedingly high. Each hero has a unique kit designed to fit into certain situations. Many have unique weapon characteristics. Mastering any one of them takes a very long time and a lot of grinding, plus understanding a lot of the nuanced interactions plus strategic thinking about team composition, enemy composition, positioning, and all of their abilities to synchronize or help each other. Then there’s learning the next 31 or so heroes and all of those interactions and matchups.

Expect to do a lot of trial and error. Spend a lot of time going back into replays and observing what people did and how others responded. And when you feel you can’t quite understand a certain problem or figure out a way to think yourself though it, find an online guide to get you over that hurdle and move you up further.

That said, they’re dumbing the game down radically for the next installment, so perhaps it’s not a wise investment of your time.


I’m so close! Grandmaster, here i come

What are the criteria? Most games can have a cap that boarders on superhuman. Of course that depends on your personal limitations.

How are the making it easier? Is it really something that I won’t be able to spend a lot of time in to master?

The skill lvl of ppl is all over the place so it is safe to say it has high skill cap if there are so many that doesn’t understand the game.

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The skill ceiling for OW is much higher than some people give it credit for. Even now, the skill ceiling is continuing to be pushed upwards as top-level players continue to master it. If you compare T500 gameplay now to T500 gameplay years ago, the difference is pretty dramatic. T500 gameplay back in 2017 looks like plat/diamond gameplay today, IMO. Even in ranks like gold, there are players employing strategies and mechanics that were only seen in GM back in the day.

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Is it worth trying to reach that skill cap now?

As well as being better at aiming you need to be harder to aim at, you need to master movement that interferes with the speed and precision of enemies aiming at you.

This is the complicating factor, as you face better opponents your given aiming skill won’t deliver as much as they don’t tend to stand there or just move predictably in only one direction.

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unpopular opinion, but to me, the skill cap of this game is pretty high.

i’m not going to go super in-depth, but a significant factor is aim.

it is exceedingly hard to get a grip on aiming in this game because the existence of supports prevents mistakes from being punished as often, so maybe a support for example will repeatedly go out of their way to save someone who is dying constantly for going out of position.

on top of the fact that movement in this game is so much more chaotic in comparison to other FPS games.

There’s almost no limit, even the best players in the world are improving every game. That’s a big reason why top 500 3 years ago is MUCH different from top 500 right now, and it will keep changing.

In theory there IS a limit though, obviously killing 6 people every fight as fast as possible with damage numbers in theory (i.e widow headshotting everyone) but that will never be reached.

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I mean in general there is always something to learn. Being able to play a hero really well is trumped by being able to play two, or three etc. Even if you don’t play them understanding the hero better helps you play against them.

Then there several maps, team comps etc to think about. Never mind the constant rounds of nerf/buffs blizzard has done lately in a weak attempt to alleviate the lack of content.

That said OW is at it’s core a team game. All the skills in the world are some what limited by what kind of team you get. Even Pro players solo quing can lose in lower ranks if their team is just that bad.

It use to be extremely high, then went away with a bajillion hard counters, now it’s just about who has better hit scan and/or tracer.

i know one thing for sure ill never be on the pinnacle looking down. to those who have achieved this feat… have a cookie!