How do you win when team tilts selves &throws every game?

I’ll keep comms positive and morale up, but I’m not playing this game to babysit. I’m making simple callouts “ana no nade” “enemy no bubbles” and they are pushingtotalk their mental breakdown. Every single match, someone tilts themselves and give up.


Be the guy that doesn’t tilt, and you will on average have fewer tilting people than the enemy team. Play the numbers game.


Honestly I just stay out of comms, its so often a cesspool the cons outweigh the pros.


I leave comms or just mute them so they can still hear me. People like that tend to respond worse if you interact with them. I don’t think it’s worth it to try and defuse them.

My buddy has his own tactic. Stir the pot before the pot stirs you.

He makes them flame him, so they’re too preoccupied to flame each other. I think it works well enough.


if people are tilting, mute them and continue making calls, even if you end up talking to yourself because you had to mute 2 or more tilters

then pop off and carry them


I can usually deal with 1 toxic teammate but anymore than that and I’d rather just throw along with them. I’m usually not in voice but still can read what they type.

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This isn’t the game where you can do that, because individual performance is strongly tied to what teammates do (or don’t do). If people on your team are tilting/throwing/etc, your power as an individual is massively reduced no matter how skilled you are and how perfectly you play.

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you can absolutely hard carry games if you pop off. if you have a ‘can’t do that’ attitude then YOU can’t. so fix that


Generally, good morale doesn’t mean you gonna win.

Player can be aggressive toxic scrub, but carry whole team on his own (Most common case).

Keep playing, ingore idiots and rank up

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Look, at this age of the game, if you don’t hard carry the entire team, you will lose, because there will be player on the other team who will do that instead of you. Its is what it is. So, play whatever character you can hard carry with and you will go up, choose what you “enjoy” and you will lose. Decide what you are ok with. Most of us have accounts for what we want to play on what day and are ok with whatever that brings because it is expected.

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The one and only thing I actually learned while smurfing, nobody tilts or throws my games when I’m killing everyone on the enemy team.


Lul i had that with my main.
Carried with tracer asf(by that i mean killing the whole backline that only 2 tanks were still holding), they still went in and still went afk it was like 4on6 in the end with 3 guys trying to still win while 2 are waiting behind discovering the map (on “platinhell”).

It depends you can carry most of the games if youre very good but dont forget if they have a smurf and you try to carry while he tries but he has 5 that are willing to win and you have 3 that are willing you might have to accept the lose.

My conclusion is just to accept some games and pop off on others, dont let the tilt flow through you. Sometimes you just get to lose even tough youre doing much better than the rest and have a good mindset

I mean… I used to level accounts for people. So I can’t really say I ever had any of that (once I learned how to play).

But unlike a lot of people, I actually was a hard stuck gold, then hard stuck platinum player. A lot of people don’t understand how complex of a game Overwatch is.

  • Thus they stagnate.

If the other team goes AFK, sure. That is a possibility.

You gotta be really bad at the game to argue that you can’t carry a game. Stop pretending like your team can’t figure out how to get out of spawn and you are literally 1v6ing.


If your team is stuck in spawn, it’s your fault for not carrying the game? Make up your mind.

I feel like what I said wasn’t very complicated yet you still misunderstood it. Your kinda type.


I once had 3 leavers on Nepal temple

My team
Me Winston
Ana and Lucio

I nano primal raged knocked 4 into the pit then killed the remaining mercy and Cassidy with sound barrier boost to win the match in over time.

.it’s hard but very possible when you get some luck and get the job done


I’d say that Overwatch in general does a pretty good job of diluting skill. So the best way to climb is to grind mechanical and game sense to the point where your abilities are far above the people at your current rank. That’s it. To climb in OW you shouldn’t try to be a little bit better than the people in the lobby, you should aim to be A LOT better. For better or worse, that’s how OW is.

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Lol. So much for practical advice.

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