How do you warmup?

Share your OW warm up/keep warm routine between matches as well as heroes. Curious to see what everyone uses to warm up.

I typically use a mixture of Widow HS and death match to warmup for Widow and Ashe.

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jumping jacks and a few halfway down girl pushups.

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I use soldier push up emote for exercise


: OOOOOOOOOooooooooo genius!

Tab out and watch twitch or YouTube

So just use comp games as warmup?

Yeah, just logon and play, only takes a game or 2

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But if you wanted an actual warmup I’d 1v1 a friend that I’m Qing with in the custom game mode “TXCXX” or the ones where enemies bounce in a linear path in front of you or just the training range.

I don’t like using bots to warm up because they’re patterns are nothing like human movement but definitely something to keep in mind when every DM lobby is full of Cringies.

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I’ve never found this to be a great hitscan warmup/trainer…

Between matches I chill. I don’t want RSI…


Widow HS is well enough for warming up on flicks and what not but it’s not the best. Death match is touch and go whether it’s worth while. Sometimes I can’t manage to find a lobby that isn’t anti-hitscan.

After I while I spend less time DM’ing or Widow HS’ing between matches.

I normally do a little arcade and quick play to make sure my mind is ready. I also do a little Aim arena in queue.

I think its best to take a break. that way you are most focused and not scared and full of adrenaline by the time you get into a match

Depends on queue length. I try to keep the hands used to flicking but I don’t get sweaty trying to duel Cringies and Doomfists

RSI = repetitive strain injury

I started getting it trying to take my Hanzo/Widow to the next level, so I have to be careful not to play more than a few games.

Ehh… Widow HS is “okay” but it’s not consistent enough to give you what you really need.

I prefer 8 Player FFA (at least for warm up) because you can ALWAYS use more 1v1 experience… :relieved:

Ahh luckily I’ve not bumped into that. I use more arm aim than wrist aim to try and prolong my wrist life since I’m a 38 y/o software engineer lol

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I’m not that old but a rock climbing incident shredded my wrist a year or so ago…

Also an engineer… :vulcan_salute:t3::innocent:

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Espresso with sugar, or I go for a small walk

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I do a vigorous routine consisting of queueing and playing the game.

I use that aim training thing in steam. It’s free. And you can change sensitivity to act like overwatch’s. And the training I do in there is the 360 straf ball one. It’s where you have to keep the reticle on the ball.
And it’s good if you want to find your best sensitivity.

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