How could they fix dps que times?

I think you just want to see what you want to see at this point.


Honestly, once 321 comes to the game, I am never going to let you live it down. Imma stalk your profile and go to every thread you respond to and remind you that I was the superior life form.

There ain’t no way. As long as 222 stays, we will always have long q times on dps.

Wasn’t 321 just a gateway idea to making Hero Pools more reasonable. In theory, it does lower the demand for DPS against people that one-trick for a week’s time.

But I dunno, I feel like something economics related might be able to help figure out how to deal with this. Demand is high but the supplies are low. But any other means has it’s pros and drawbacks. I guess to reach equilibrium we need to increase supply of DPS or decrease the demand for DPS. (Sorry if the two are mixed up, by demand I mean players and Supply to the slots available per game.)

Back in the day I thought the idea of if the DPS goes flex would have priority DPS the next game but that has it’s own bag of issues. Like DPS doesn’t know how to play support or tank (or plays them as DPS or soft throw). Among other things.

But it’s kinda nice that, Blizzard is trying. . . i guess ; w ;

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Games are no better after role queue than they were before. Sure it’s forced 222 for those who care so much about that, but the games were more fun and varied before role queue. Also, i’d see a lot of 222 anyway, just because people seemed to think that’s what you had to play. I didn’t see many of these 5 dps games. And if i did, oh well. On to the next game, instantly.

Role Queue is more frustrating, because if someone sucks on a role then there’s nothing you can do about it.

Seriously to wait 10 minutes just to play a game killed the game so fast that it’s not even funny. Revert it. Maybe try again for OW2, i don’t know.

Right now, the game is hardly worth messing with because they ruined it just to force 222, which hilariously has made the games even more frustrating than ever for me.

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Of course not.

Lol, Hero Pools are even more impotent and wishful thinking of an idea than making more fun tanks.

If that would be the solution then we would have more games than jut Overwatch having Tank roles at all.

People want to play DPS. You cannot change that. The only solution is to remove one tank slot and make it dps, 132.

The longer blizzard tries to keep as many dps slots as the other roles the more people leave.

Yeah, you can say “if you don’t like it leave”. And this happens already, the 75% majority of dps players are leaving due to cue times. While this might satisfy you it sure wont satisfy blizzard.

I am not sure hero pools had much to do with the decision. That is entirely possible. It is just, at the end of the day, they have a new game coming out and they do not want Overwatch 2 to be dead on arrival. I know people do not want to admit it, but the queue times are unacceptable and absolutely cause the playerbase to bleed out.

321, specifically, is great solely because it requires one less tank. I am not sure giving another dps slot is even necessary. They could almost do 2 dps, 3 supports, 1 tank and the results would likely be better than what we have currently.

That is obviously nonsensical. I am just saying the key part of 321 is the “1.”

As a DPS, I would assuming 321 would sound appealing. But for the tank, until the experimental card is released to test the build more thoroughly might make tanks more pressured and might chase tanks away from playing.

Yeah, I feel bad whoever 1 would end up being. In something like Goats, the 1 would be Sombra or Mei but no one really wants that back plus it doesn’t solve the issue with queue times. But 1 support sounds hard as well as they no longer have a secondary source for healing and would be even more focused down as the killing target. 1 Tank has it’s own bag of issues. ; w ;

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When you have a 3-2-1 where the matchmaker is filling the roles based on the ratios people are queuing in the issue with queue times is solved, as far as it can be without allowing 1-4-1 or 3-0-3.

And trying to live through the 3-5 DPS teams that you’d get half the time was enjoyable?

No one is arguing for 4+ DPS teams.

3 dps was the most fun, imo. 4 plus rarely ever happened for me. Perhaps I was super lucky. I rarely saw it, however.

I was willing to give the RQ a try but the only thing I really want is even matchmaking. I found that RQ didn’t do anything for that. It seems to be pretty lopsided either way.

My main gripe is it removes the ability to to counter if you are stuck in tank or support and you need a specific DPS to counter.

I don’t think RQ helped anything to be honest.

It definitely fixed playing a healer like you’re fixing the paint on the Titanic. It fixed playing Healthpack Hunt instead of any tank but Roadhog. Literally the only thing that it didn’t fix for me was matchmaking. And you can’t really do much better with smurfs everywhere.

No game with role q has low DPS queues, because that is what the average player wants to play.

If anything, this game has lower dps queues than usual. Tell a MMO player that the dps are complaining about 10 minute queue times here and they will laugh at you.

The only solution is abolishing role q. But, you also have to consider:

  • You can stack roles. (GOATS might be back)

  • Since most people are not willing to play support/tank (and the queues agree with me), preppare for the usual arguments we used to have pre match.

  • You are not guaranteed your role (this is important for flex players). Your tank/support might switch to a dps and there is nothing you can do about it (for example, a guy only likes to play Lucio at Ilios well, and after the round is over and you are at ruins, the Lucio changes to a Junkrat).

  • Role sr would be gone.

  • Devs need to account role stacking when balancing.

Of course there are advantages.

  • Everyone is at the same queue.
  • You can make different comps, since you can stack roles.
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3 DPS wasn’t great, but it was doable. I would generally be Moira, working overtime to just keep the tanks alive. Playing Rein and hoping that the supports had my back was also pretty common. Half the time, they’d get frustrated over how nobody could work together with us and go off to play Soldier or something, where they didn’t have to try and herd cats while keeping me alive. One time, I asked for a healer and a three-stack proceeded to go Lucio, Brig, Zenyatta. The push was more sad than funny.

Four wasn’t uncommon either. IMO that’s where it got nasty. It really sucks when you can’t heal or get healed properly because there are four people who need babysitting and two people willing to help out.


More tank/support variety to appeal to different playstyles. Keep DPS number of characters as they are otherwise you’ll attract more DPS players which means longer queue times

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There are already While you Wait and LFGs if you want to cut down on queues. They’re much better solutions than ruining the game for the players that make this game different from CoD:whateverthefk.