How could they fix dps que times?

Waiting 10 minutes for 7 minute long game isnt okay obviously. But what can be done about that?

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Well… If it was a 7 minute game and you did not want it to be, you should have gone Mei. Nobody can roll a Mei in 7 minutes. If they somehow manage it, consider yourself lucky that you saved time by not stalling a game for a worthless team.

Make tanks more appealing to play and bam less DPS queue time :slight_smile:

Altough DPS queue time will always be rather high, just gotta accept that


Nah it wasnt stomp match. It was oasis koth. We won both rounds but it was a close game. Still finished in 7 mins. I waited 9 mins for it.

I accept longer que times for dps but que shouldnt be longer than actual match.

Oh, I hate King of the Hill so much. I forgot about those. I was just going to play one for my last match of the night, but it canceled. I am kind of thankful for that, but it bumped my queue past 20 minutes.

There is no button to push or lever to switch to just decrease queue times
If you want shorter queue times you gotta get more players in diffrent roles
If theres only 1 tank but 6 DPS and 4 supports, then obvsly its going to take a while until you as the 5th DPS get a game

It may be good idea if they bring back 5 round koth back. 3 finishes very quickly.

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Surrender to 132 I guess…

I mean… There was, and they used it. Rofl. It just climbed back up again.

It is chill, we just need to wait for them to pull the 321 lever.

It also hurts me as a reaper main. He sucks against everyone but tanks. Unlucky for me. Maybe they rework characters around 132 so every hero will be fine.

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Remove RQ, that is it. One benefit to RQ is you are more likely to get the Hero you want, the negative is you have to wait forever for a game and you you can’t choose a counter in a different group.

Not sure if this is good or bad but it definitely makes the game far less enjoyable.

At least we now know the RQ doesn’t have an effect on match making. OW still sucks at that, both before RQ and after it.

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Reaper sucks anyways. It will not change that much to be real with you. He was just as viable back when it was free queue and a lot of those matches were solo tank (which sometimes were better than the triple tank matches because most tanks mollywopped him prenerf).

Periodically ban a number of random DPS players permanently.


Expand allowed compositions to reflect player preferences. Buff designated main tanks and main supports and place them in mutually exclusive categories so as to not be stacked. This improves the solo tank or support experience. Generate games with up to 3 players per role, at minimum 1 per role. Buff or create anti-GOATS counters of already existing and underplayed heroes. I prefer enabling mid-game role switching so I would do away with role specific SR but keep role queue to ensure people have the opportunity to play the role they want.


Reaper with anti healing rounds, like in the comics, would have eviscerated goats without ever needing to increase his life steal. The only real issue is that he would become a must pick regardless, I guess. And low ranked players still cannot deal with melee range heroes.

Another anti meta hero idea is a banish. You can counter basically any meta with a banish. That might be healthy to add into the game.

That being said, that is the past. We are likely never going back to tank/support stacking even if they remove role queue.

1-3-2 is unlikely to happen imo. Too rigid.

I am just saying if we go back to unlocked roles, tanks and supports are getting the hammer harder than they get it as of right now. I cannot envision a world where they let 3-3 exist.

Add tank-heroes, stop trashbalance tanks, get rid of 222

Holy crap, you’re not even reading one paragraph.