How could they fix dps que times?

Make tanking and healing enjoyable rather than a chore

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Real hitscan will do it. Look at how many people play the 90% projectile heroes like Ana and Baptiste. Now imagine if you could actually play as a hitscan Lucio/Zen.

That support hero would be VERY popular.

Tanks just need a ranged hitscan option period.

So you’re instead arguing for the vaunted 1-3-2, where tanks get to have triple the guns pointed at them, with either no extra durability or tons of complaints about being OP?

But that’s a GOOD idea.

We can’t have those in these forums.

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It is really not all that different. Tanks usually battle amongst themselves in neutral anyways. It will largely be the same amount of focus fire.

Not really that different? Tanks exist for the DPS to shoot at. Most of the fire goes to the MT, as well as the MH’s attention, but adding an extra DPS without the help of the off-tank to protect them a little? That would need some serious buffs to survive.

Lol, we’ve discussed this already on reddit. Here it is here. Needless to say aside from the developers there is extremely little constructive conversation and comprehension here.

Ideally the dps will step up, especially hybrids like Mei and Doom. But, realistically, they will obviously be punished harder. With only one tank, at least the healers will be on the same page.

And naturally I assume tanks will be buffed for this to work. The ttk would likely be similar to pre role queue where some tanks could genuinely withstand quad dps.

Oh. You’re that guy.

Still on about how perfectly balanced that would be because, and I quote, “I’m much smarter than you are.”?

I don’t know about perfectly balanced but it’s a lot more promising than all the half and less than half measures thrown around. Ultimately it needs to be seen whether it has potential.

Or maybe we don’t need change for the sake of change. Things are fine right now, there are plenty of options to mitigate the effects of long queue times.


nerfing tank and supports was at least NOT the right thing to do. I know people that used to like playing main tank, but with all the changes they just became so horrible that no one wants to play them anymore and just queue as dps.

The nerfed tanks and supports appear to have been overpowered. Hanzo got nerfed as well, not sure if Reaper didn’t get nerfed too at some point. Mei? Nerfing heroes that needed to be nerfed being protested just illustrates people will complain about anything and everything. But the main tank situation is deplorable.

A stupid idea that would reduce damage queue times would be to nerf every single damage hero so hard that they are completely useless, either the players learn to play a different role or they leave.

It would probably work, but it should never be tried.

So why did you post it?

Me?, i’m just bored.

in fact it would be more convenient to have more tank heroes and support to attract people. it’s a matter of statistics: 50% of the heroes in Overwatch are dps, while around 25% are distributed between being able to choose tanks or support. Each hero has a certain OTP fanbase behind it, but there is also the variety that players have available. it is easier to test all the tank and support heroes of the game than to actually manage to remain without variety among the DPS heroes.

DPS have 16 heroes with which to vary their strategy, while Support and Tank have much less variety. So basically having more tank and support heroes would generate an ever-increasing stationing in the queues. On the contrary, if a DPS hero comes out in Overwatch, the role queue gap would be far more terrifying than now.

I don’t agree at all. it is acceptable if there was a good rotation of the times of all three role queues, but we are currently in the condition that the DPS queue does not allow you to play for almost half the time you spend on Overwatch. And of course, those who wait a lot play fewer games 2-2-2> Fewer games 2-2-2 means having practiced less with this composition. it goes without saying that there are a lot of DPS that can’t kill.

Overwatch is ruining itself behind the meta for e-sport (see the pool hero) when its priority would be to start recreating a solid fan base for tank and support roles. Precisely because it is those who define the meta that must be valued with many new heroes, if only to have two advantages:

  • If a main tank / support sees a nerfed character, it has a good alternative within the class (the more heroes there are, greater is the varieties)
  • Whenever a new tank or support is released, a list of counters is always created. See Symmetra which is excellent against Sigma or Mei against Hammond. Or again, Baptiste is weak against winston, or Brigitte is very bad against Pharah and Junkrat.

I honestly as a support main can still manage with the nerfs. but the tanks nervs I find too much. people cry for nerfs way too much and if the devs listen, they break the game more and more.

Just play tank IMO, If you really want to play DPS so badly you can wait. Get something to drink while waiting, stand up or do some pushups. It’s just good for your Health.

Tank wait times are so short because tank players shouldn’t be able to work out while waiting. We have to weigh as much as the character we’re playing.

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