🧨 Let’s talk how Devs been Treating the SD in the GD (Devs responded)


Honestly I like the idea of a Story Discussion forum.

But that’s just that… it’s _A Story _ Discussion forum. Not stories.

Devs should at least add to it at least one thing a month, no matter how small. (Like just adding short info commercials why Flying Cars Don’t Crash into Buildings anymore or poster for Robo Roster vs Mutent Bunny.)

And Devs seem to have barely anything since the Story Discussion has gone up. Only responding to two random topics last year a month apart.

If they just trash the idea, that’s fine.

But been seeing used more as an excuse for other actions other times.

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A cynical person might comment that the intent of the Story Discussion forum is primarily to move the debates on character background/representation outside of the General Discussion.


There’s a story?



The SD in the GD?
What form of language is this?!


The Story Discussion is dead because there’s nothing new story wise to discuss.

It’d be great if the devs answered questions there instead of twitter.

It’d be tremendous to get something new a month to discuss.

It’d be spectacular if the devs even were semi active there.

But alas, no one’s there to discuss anything, so most people just stick to the general discussion because, well, at least it has people and active devs. Even if they’re not the writing devs.


Story Discussion in General Discussion (was saving space)




Sweet butter biscuits… then again… well it’s something.


The way it’s been used, it’s a mega thread disguised as a sub-forum.