How can I tell if I’ve received a Pink Mercy Twitch Drop?


I think there is an error in the faq page, wrong answer for the question.

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Watch the notifications icon on Twitch. For example here is what Overwatch League notifications look like:


I’m linked according to Twitch and I’ve been watching QueenE for almost 4 hours now, and I have no notifications. What am I doing wrong?


Pretty much the same here.
No add-block on, no other stream open and it’s the active tab as well.


Same issue here. Ad block and everything has been disabled for when I started since people said this can cause issues. No drops whatsoever. I think I’m going to be giving up in a bit, if I can’t even get the 2 hour drop after all this time, there’s no way I’ll be getting the rest.

What a majorly disappointing and frustrating event.


Yup, nothing for me too. And I’ve gotten the drops from OWL, so I know that my account is connected. It’s kinda annoying…

I’m not a fan of forcing to watch streams for sprays, esp. since I bought the Mercy skin. Feels like they should be included if you bought the skin & for those that don’t want to buy it, but still want some sprays they need to watch streams to get them.


i’ve been watching QueenE’s stream for 2 hours, no drops. I have received plenty of OWL drops before too. I think it may be a problem on their end.


Same exact problem.

I get about 70-80% of the OWL tokens that I should, so I know the account is linked and ready to get drops. Just most of the drops apparently.


Watched now 3 hours of QueenE and no drops at all.

Got all OWL tokens though.


I am at 4 hours myself with no drops


Same problem, I’ve been keeping QueenE’s stream up for about 5 hours and no drop notifications.

I have my Twitch account + Blizzard account linked and I had no problem getting the OWL tokens.


That happened to me during the starcraft anniversary days but the next day I log in and there where my drops


The Q&A got updated:

Q: How can I tell if I’m earning Twitch Drops?

A: If your preferred Blizzard account is linked to your preferred Twitch account, rest assured that your Overwatch viewership hours are being tracked! In-game rewards will be granted to accounts in batches.

So, probably they will show up tomorrow. I, personally, still believe that events like this and Events in general should come with some sort of in-game tracker on the home page so people can not be so worried about things.


Oh, I expected it to be instant like the OWL tokens are. I thought it wasn’t working because of that.


i see streaming QueenE over 4 hours, but i no receive drops in-game or drops twitch. why?


They are delivered in batches


I hope so. I tried !watchtime in QueenE’s stream and it responded that I’d spent 0 hours watching… So, I guess I’ll just wait and see.

Yeah, I agree they should have some way for you to track your progress. Even if it’s like with the OWL coins and you get a notification and/or in your inventory on Twitch of how many hours you’ve accumulated during that session.


Same for me. I get OWL fine but have been watching streams for hours and not getting any drops for this ‘event’.


I watched 6 hours of QueenE’s stream and received no notifications, it says they would be gifted in batches, but did I do something wrong?


Batches of this nature can take as much as 24 hours to distribute.