How can I tell how many people have reported me?

In the past I have been super toxic to be honest. I don’t ever throw or cheat, but I do have trouble controlling my temper a bit. Lately I have been trying to get better but I sometimes I still lash out. I feel like a number of times I have made people upset would help motivate me to get better. Any help is appreciated.


You’ll get a warning if you’re close to being actioned.


would it ever be possible to have a system like xbox live’s reputation system, wherein you can see exact numbers on reports received?

I don’t think it’d be capable of abuse, but that’s your call.


Thank you for responding Papa Jeff. Am I getting close to getting close to being actioned?

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I have lag problems which i am super careful about. In my early days of overwatch i was stupid and played competitive anyway even though there was a risk of me lagging out. I got suspended from the season, probably for the best. Just recently I’ve had a lot of crashes which I am still trying to figure out. I haven’t been playing competitive for that reason but I thought i fixed it. I played competitive today and the game crashed. I didn’t get a notification so I guess nobody reported me. I wish the rest of the team didn’t lose sr when someone leaves.

Aw dude I feel you. I randomly dc from many games. It doesn’t happen on any other computer in my house which is weird. I actually dced from a game last night in comp but I came back and we won.

Fix Sombra LOS bug please!

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Mr, Kaplan, theres a major problem with this though, people are receiving warnings for things that are not against the code of conduct, and players are reporting other players for things the report system says are NOT reportable. THIS needs to be looked into.


Do reports reset when you get temporary ban/silence?

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I don’t think Blizzard cares bro. Most people probably just buy a new account (or have multiple smurf accounts already) if they get banned. It’s just more money for Blizzard. That’s all they want. I have been banned twice now(once in WoW and once in Overwatch) and they never told me why. The TOS literally says they can just randomly ban you whenever they want and there’s nothing you can do about it. They can ban all they want but I’ll NEVER buy a new account that’s for sure and I’ll be sure to warn everyone else too.

That’s untrue. An account of mine was completely banned from the game without a warning.

Thanks, btw, since that account did nothing wrong.


At first, I got really excited and thought there was an update to to the report feature.

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Ok boys lets just take a step back for a minute. Papa Jeff, the Papa, just commented on my post.

Praise Papa Jeff

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He commented 5 months ago lol

xQc would beg to differ. XD


I knew this post was going to be relevant 6 months later. Poor xqc, didn’t see it coming. /s

I have never gotten a warning that I will be actioned against, is this true? I have been silenced and banned once, and NEVER got any warning, was this a lie??

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Oh no, they lied about the report system? How could this happen? I never saw THIS coming! It is soooo totes unprecedented.

probably was in a much lower elo than your other accounts are, and they just found out that those accounts are all connected.

Made this post MONTHS ago. Still relevant today…

rip xQc :frowning: