How am I supposed to improve?

When every game is get stomped or stomp?

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Go to the practice range and get your aim on point. Watch others play and develop your game sense.

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That only helps so much. Predictable targets with forgiving hitmodels can only improve your in-game aim to some degree but you won’t really improve.


They could always try the ana bot headshot only setup in custom games.

I will agree to disagree.

Use the group-finder to find people above your SR playing quickplay games.
Ask politely if they’d baby you for a bit.

By grouping with the higher SR you will experience opposition that is generally stronger than you, but your team will also generally be stronger. They will give you the support you need to figure out your mistakes, and not lure you into strategy or tactics that result in failure. Eventually you will adapt to the new environmental pace.

Simple mistakes will get punished by the superior enemy, and you will suffer at first. However, you will eventually stop making those mistakes. When you return to your normal environment you will utilize those corrections by reflex and see an improvement in your general performance.

Pain is an excellent teacher.

For aim? I like Low Gravity when it’s available in arcade.

You can also create custom games. Sadly, the AI selection is limited.

When events like Uprising, Junkenstein, and Retribution are available (a few weeks out of the year cause, for some reason, Blizzard doesn’t want to sell the campaign modes to us)… they make excellent shooting galleries.

Playing deathmatch has really helped improve my aim with certain heroes. I find it more helpful than practice range, IMO.

Don’t have this mentality…like don’t. The best way to improve is by recording your games and practice. Find your mistakes and work on fixing them until you don’t make them anymore. Stomp or be stomp, ignore those two and just play the game. 33% are games where you lose no matter what, 33% are games where you’ll win no matter what, and the rest is 50/50 or close games. You can get better. You got this ^^

you have 3 hours played for the current season. Do you expect to get better by always playing easy mode (quick play).

Not to mention your top 3 heroes have high win rates.

Is this a troll thread?

Kinda hard to do that on console with all these redundant sliders and systems being added :wink:


Then go back to legacy.

My Reaper game had been improving a lot because none of the snipers can’t hit me up close anymore lol

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I know legacy is probably better, but its just that stupid itch I get every time I try to stick to something “what if X is better if I tweak this? etc etc”

I wish I could just stick to legacy, but I’m crazy particular about settings, even when I dont want to be.

Jave you tried lowering the overall aim sensitivity strength?

My settings prior to this update I do not want to even touch, before this patch they were perfect for me ever since I used them 9-10 months ago, the only thing I’d be slightly interested in finding is the possibility of tweaking the new sliders to work with my settings for the chance of finding something potentially slightly better.

Well, you will begin to improve by first learning what the problem is.

Is it aim? No? Then which of the other very important and crucial aspects do you lack in? After all, aim isn’t everything. If you believe otherwise, then that is already a problem. Is it positioning? Is it team coordination? Is it understanding ult economy? There are all of these things that are just as important if not more important than “aim.”

When I first started Overwatch, I have great aim, not the best by any means, I got room for improvement, but I mean, I am a great sniper and all… but due to the nature of Overwatch being so different from other FPS… I never really worked with others before. I was severely lacking team coordination and understanding the ult economy, my positioning was also lacking.

So how can you improve? Well, first get a group of friends or create your own group in the Looking for Group system. Then play different heroes that teach you the most about team coordination, and what each role is about. All three classes, Tanks, DPS, Supports play differently for the most part. But they can all still teach you important aspects.

The best heroes to practice would be Reinhardt and Lucio for the team coordination. Reinhardt is hard to master, and learning how to protect your team is important. As for Lucio, he is useless if the team doesn’t work around him, or if he doesn’t work with the team. Speed boosting and healing. I suppose you can count Mercy in there too since she is so heavily reliant on her team to do her job (just ignore the fact that she cant even do her job now tho so dont use Mercy… she is useless in that aspect.)

Speaking of Mercy, she is good at learning good positioning, timing, and teaching you how to focus on your surroundings. If you are in a bad spot, you will die, specially if you try to Rez someone. People say that Mercy takes no skill to master. They are wrong. It certainly has some degree of skill to master, its just that the skill is different… well, now, again, she is broken F-tier… again. But oh well. Rez is a good way to teach you about timing, positioning, and your surroundings, the environment.

Ana for example, requires a lot of aim. McCree, Widowmaker, Hanzo probably too… Most of the DPSs can fill this role to be honest, but the two big snipers are Ana and Widowmaker… start small and work your way up. From close range to long range. I am terrible at close range, but my Ana is on fire, but I been practicing with Tracer for my really close range fights, and I have improved a decent amount.

Zarya is by far, in my opinion, the best example of managing cooldowns. How do you manage your cooldowns is extremely important, and sometimes using an ability too early or even too late can tilt the battle one way or the other… about all other supports require a high level of cooldown and ability management except for Zenyatta. There are some other tanks and DPS heroes that require high management, but again, for me its Zarya with her bubbles. Her bubbles are incredible in the right hands. Saving your team from a Dva nuke (as everything behind your bubble wont be affected by it either.) Zarya is one of the most powerful heroes in the game. Not OP, not what I meant, but again, in the right hands, she can be a powerhouse… and her timing for everything has to be godlike… her ult also is crazy powerful, at least before it was nerfed, her ult was the one that defined the ult economy. Your team and the enemy team will work their ults all around your ult, Grav. Something that you want to learn and be able to predict, and be able to bait out.

I could go on and on and on… but I will end it here. lol.

I started this to help people ( and myself cause i’m selfish)
Does it help you any?

This helped me a TON
It’s honestly an incredible guide that I recommend everyone to check out


That’s a huge relief. I initially thought I had simply lost the ability to flick to a Reaper’s head at close range.