New Console Aim Assist Is Amazing

I wanna give a huge thank you to Blizzard for the new console aim assist changes. Aiming feels a lot smoother without having to deal with the previous version of aim assist aggressively pulling your crosshair around constantly. Despite the developer suggestions of setting aim assist ease in to 1 for hitscan heroes and 0 for projectile heroes I find the new aim assist ease in to be better at 0 for all heroes. Aim assist has been really awkward and messy for awhile and I appreciate the development team giving some love to console Overwatch.


I am glad you enjoy the newest update on Console, I know for me, I had to turn some things off because it really threw off my aim.

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It just takes a little getting used to. I had a little trouble with it starting out but I grinded a lot of games with it and now I like it a lot.


I dont get the aim assist ease in value? It defaults to 50. I do like it this way but I’m wondering what happens when you put it up or down?

Get in here.

At higher than 50 the aim assist kicks in faster meaning that your aim slows down sooner. At less than 50 it takes longer to kick in fully.

Ooh i see so higher for hitscan i presume would be helpful?

Yes, that was also the general recommendation given by the developers.

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I am glad!

What settings are you finding helpful?
I turned the new aim assist option up to 100 for Widowmaker. Made a custom game against squishy AIs and got 40 headshots.

It’s broken and horrible for me, the pull from the new one is too strong, I tested it all day and had this always happen:

New one: Always randomly locked on and off of heroes and overall screwed me up due to it not being fast enough, and whenever I aim someone down in a group the aim assist is nearly freezing my reticle

Legacy: Constant quad blades, sleeping (Deflected) AND headshotting an ana as she was falling down from the sleep, killed a tryhard genji who was using a XIM4 multiple times, and made the entire enemy team salty to where they all swapped to counter me.

Accuracy comparison
New mode: 17-26%
Legacy: 34-42%

Sorry to bother you here, I just finished a game and your username looked really familiar, did you play a game with JellySpleens, if so, that’s me lol

Yeah, you tea bagged me a lot.


Would just like to add thats not what aim assist ease does at all. At zero the maximum aim assist kicks in at the start of the aim assist window and at 100 from the edge of the hitbox the aim assist increases linearly till the middle of the hitbox qhere the aim assist is at its max value.


Nah man, you must be remembering it wrong:

The closer you get to zero the longer it takes for aim assist to kick in fully while at 100 it feels very slow because it kicks in fully faster.

Nope test it out in game if you like . Lower aim assist ease is recommended for projectile so the aim assist full strength kicks in earlier allowing you more room within the aim assist to correct your aim whereas at higher ease its easier to move to the fenter of the aim assist meaning hitscans better.