Houston Outlaws vs. Dallas Fuel - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Houston Outlaws
Dallas Fuel
League Points: 0
League Points: 0

Final Score


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Thanks for the heads up, as always.


Hey everyone, going to get our first discussion thread up now cuz I might be a pinch bit busy today. Please let me know if you guys are successfully earning drops throughout the day or if you’re not earning him at all.

On a side note I am running a OverWatch League Pick Em leaderboard for specifically our forum community. Remember this is a contest where you can win prizes on the main leaderboards. But the forum one should be for the fun of it

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I hope Jake is going to play alot this season

Uhh…I don’t know what to do when I’m on the pick em page…

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Who do you think is going to win this match?

(Time to find out if Chromium Edge will work with rewards this season for me.)

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You just guess the scores for each game. :slight_smile:

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But do we even have phones to watch it on?

He said he isn’t going to be playing much, that he’s on the team in a coaching position

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I swear to god Idk what to do, I’ll just don’t touch It I guess

I’m season opener hyped…

And yet I know it can’t possibly match that Dallas homestand From 2019(?)

When live games come back, I think all Battle of Texas games should take place in Austin as neutral ground.

(So I don’t have to travel to either city)

Acording to rumors he will barely play (wich would make sense because Jake isnt the best anymore anyway). But more interesting: The rumors say he will play as Flex support in Doubleflex sup Metas

But yeah, only rumors, but I think they are interisting

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Here’s my picks for week 1. :eyes:

oh man ive been waiting so long for this season

That’s bit was fun lol

Wow, the actually entertaining 4th wall stuff


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So question / warning…

i had to do the whole connecting accounts thing all over again…(why?)

make sure youre connected

Yeah, I had to reconnect too.