Hot take. You deserve your rank

I appreciate the concern. I’ve never mentioned his account name, but that is sad if those are the “rules”. We just hang out at his place and play Overwatch together sometimes. I’m definitely not trying to boost him nefariously.

Competitive in this game is DEAD

Anyone who says otherwise is straight Copium to the max.


That sure is funny when every time I que up for support I’m put with two DPS who get 1 or 2 kills and we go up against DPS who play like OWL and get 30 or 40. You literally CAN’T carry that.

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So you’re going to keep posting your ignorant rhetoric without ackowledging the patch notes?

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you can, the main issue comes in when you’re being punished too hard for the games you can’t or not rewarded enough for the games you do.

I haven’t responded to anyone mentioning the competitive adjustments in the patch notes because nothing in the patch notes is counter to anything I’ve said.

I don’t think the people @ing me with the lazy “gotcha” messages like you have even read the patch notes - or even my OP for that matter. Not a single person has quoted the PNs against me yet. It’s just been pointless noise.

Here’s all the patch notes concerning competitive ranking so you can read for yourself:

Precisely nothing here disagrees with anything I’ve said. My statements are still true. People have just seen that Overwatch is introducing minor and extremely vague changes to the overall ranking system which, somehow, gives them another escape or excuse to pretend that they are stuck in the rank they are because “ladder must have been inherently broken before this, therefore I’m justified in thinking that It’s not my fault that I’m hardstuck” - which is some loopy mental copium gymnastics and isn’t the case at all.

Side note: Bronze 5 has been confirmed to be bugged. This still does not give you justification to complain that “the system is rigged and you deserve a better rank”.
Firstly, Bronze accounts for a very small percentage of the Overwatch competitive playerbase, and an even smaller percentage of these players are Bronze 5. The vast majority of players have not been affected by this. There is no “gold 3” bug, and this wasn’t affecting all the ranks in Overwatch 1 like I saw someone claiming (How could it? You could literally see your rating move).
Secondly, my post clearly wasn’t at all intended for new players who may have been affected by this as I specifically stated that I am speaking to “hardstuck” players, which doesn’t apply to anyone playing their first season.

This bit had nothing to do with what my OP was about, but I figured I’d cover it because someone who hasn’t read the patch notes and/or my post is eventually going to message me about this again.


So I’m not sure how you make a statement that “X is true” without adequate evidence. Even when Blizzard admitted they had major systemic issues in the beginning, I’m sure some players were progressing to GM, Masters, etc. By your logic, and based on what you knew, had Blizzard never made a statement about this, you’d probably have said the system was fine then too because some people were actually climbing.

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I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. You asked, theoretically, if a ranking system could be flawed and I responded with yes.

the question first is, what is a hardstuck?

You need to clarify out how many games played - per start of season. If you play only 2-3 games per day, what a lot of gamers do. You will have the feeling of stucking longer, as someone who plays 10 games per day.

A normal player, who lets would be in plat 3. like a normal plat player, from bronze 5 to plat 3 4-5-6 weeks?

probably not a hardstuck, but if someone cant put into it so many games, ofc - he hardstuck because of the lack of time.

That is just a real factor, time. Taken loosed games because someone leaves mid game were on 5% on my dps sessions.

We aren´t all top tier players and most likely who ever say´s “your belong your rank” is just a mid elo gamer.

That all in all is a bad exp. by the playerbase.


Deleting posts you don’t like Berry won’t change the fact that most ppl think you are missing some brain cells.

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fiction. i could share the real reason but only if i was admin.

You can’t delete others’ posts. That was my own response… you can literally see that.
If you want to be taken seriously, don’t say stupid things.

I deleted it because It wasn’t tagging the person it was intended as a response to. I undeleted it and added a tag.

Well actually you are wrong about some ranks I just started gaining after the last patch after Blizzard said the fixed the issue.

I checked someone’s profile just earlier and I lost fate in the matchmaking system.

I have coached that said person back in the past, I have quite literally better stats than him on all the characters that we play, his winrate is better although his stats seem to show that he isn’t overperforming and that person is placed higher than me right now on all 3 roles which actually doesn’t make sense.

This is not copium, I can’t accept that he’s better than me when he’s not.

So why are you so certain that the current system isn’t still flawed?

Stats aren’t important.

I’m tired of seeing people bring up stat comparisons in their matches and the ranks to argue how they should be in a higher rank or someone else doesn’t deserve theirs. This isn’t a Kovaaks or Aimlabs session, points and statistics are meaningless in the ranked discussion.

Statistics are a poor measurement in evaluating how well a player is actually doing in a match. Especially since Overwatch is such a complicated game and raw damage or healing numbers only constitute for a small portion of the “player skill level”. Context is especially important when understanding these statistics as well.
For example, a pick hero like Widowmaker is almost always going to have less damage than a hero like Reaper or Pharah, but they can still be having a greater impact due to the shots they are hitting. Additionally a dps can solely be shooting the enemy tank when they should be taking the harder shot onto enemy squishies and so they are both padding their accuracy and damage stats while poorly or negatively affecting their team. Healers work the same way- heal botting the entire match can be detrimental to your team when you could be dealing damage or creating openings for your team by taking 1v1s or using your cooldowns aggressively.
There’s a thousand ways to construe any number of these statistics in different contexts.

The game also includes aspects of team-synergy, voice communications, positioning, compositions and map team-fight dynamics, ability and cooldown management, etc.

Grandmasters and Plats could have similar statistics for a plethora of reasons as well such as enemies having better pressure on their positions in higher ranks which disallows them to get as much value or different optimal compositional team playstyles which could imply far quicker or far more drawn-out fights which may lead to an observed statistical deviance.

In short, better statistics doesn’t necessarily mean better player.

I don’t see evidence that it was flawed to begin with.


Several developer comments stated that there were serious flaws with the ranking and placement systems, as recently as last week. These are not yet fixed.

Hey Titan!! Have you been playing?
When you gonna join the discord for pugs?

Also, mind linking the thread where they state this? As far as I’m aware there was only a bug keeping people in B5.

I just talked about this in a recent post. Where exactly did they say what you claim they did?

Here is my post on it: (also shown earlier today on this forum)

Howdy! I have not been playing… don’t even have OW2… I haven’t gamed in over a year now, or thereabouts. I thought God of War Ragnarok was for sure going to pull me back in (insert bad Pacino impression here), but I’ve resisted.

I’ve literally never posted a link before. Not sure how, because they’re not allowed or something? Here’s the relevant part though.

"We’re continuing to monitor the health of competitive play and matchmaking across Overwatch 2, both for returning and new players. We’ve made numerous tuning adjustments on the server for both the initial and continued determination of a player’s skill tier and division, many of which will become even more noticeable at the start of Season 2.

We’ve increased the precision of our queue time estimates for each individual role in role queue."

Just google this, it should come right up.

Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - November 17, 2022